Why Not Sunday's ?

You should be a loud to hunt on Sunday by: Cole Smith


Have you ever hunted ? Do you hunt? Well if you have done it or do it I think that you should be aloud to hunt on Sunday's. It helps by getting people outside more , businesses gets more money , and meat is a very good resource

Reason one

Hunting helps people loose weight. When you go pheasant hunting you have to walk to get them up an flying. It will help if you get another day because pheasant is one of my personal favorites. Every time you go hunting you walk to your stand or your blind. If your hunting on Saturday with a bow and you shoot something and can't find it because it's dark well you may have to go track it the next day. Then if your tracking it on a Sunday and a game warden sees you he'll think you've been hunting on a Sunday. This is a reason why we need a Sunday hunting day. They allow two animals to be hunted : groundhogs/woodchucks and crows. Why no other animals? "game law hunting," pg. 1)

Reason two

hunting is the pursuit of food , sport , and profit. Some people depend on hunting not just people in the upper forty, businesses too. Sunday hunting could cause people to hunt for other people because of people who can't hunt. If they allowed another day of Hunting maybe some people would stop poaching and the animal population would go up. More hunting means more guns bought that means more money for businesses.

Reason three

There's only one day for a normal working/schooling adult or kid to hunt. Meat is a good resource it gets donated to charities and the homeless sometimes. People get to sleep in on Saturday knowing there's one more day to hunt if they allow it. Kids have sports games and practices on Saturday. There's eleven states that don't allow Sunday hunting PA is one of them. Meat is on the food pyramid and it is one of the most important one on the pyramid.

Opposing view

Anti hunters are people who dont allow hunting around there houses. Say you were at church and having a great day and you were praying then out of nowhere you hear a 12. Gauge shotgun go off and it hits the side of the church. And then church is over. Because of people who don't know how to hunt. Since about the 1800s many animals have been extinct. It's from poaching. Poaching is one of the worst Laws that have been broken. People just want to have a peaceful Sunday without something getting shot or so one getting shot on accident.("Poaching 2016," pg 1)


You should be able to hunt on Sunday's it helps people out by loosing weight , gets more business going, and there's one day to hunt if you work normal. Pass it on let the game commission know that we want Sunday hunting. We need Sunday hunting.


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