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Tom McLelland

Chapters 18-22

In this chapter we see a wide variety of things happening. We see Darcy and Elizabeth first socializing and we also see the Mr.Collins problem. We see the ball become yet another vital part in the story and we see an array of problems arise.

Elizabeth and Collins dances

Elizabeth is forced to dance with Collins and has a terrible time while doing it. Shows her attitude towards Collins

(Austen, 1813, p 67)

Darcy and Elizabeth dance Akwardly

Darcy sees that Elizabeth is upset from her time with Collins and decides to move in and ask Elizabeth to dance. The conversation an dance in all is awkward because of there history

( Austen, 1813, p 68)

Mrs. Bingely warns of Wickham

Wickham had previously told them secrets and problems with Darcy. Mrs. Bingley decides to tell the girls that maybe Wickham doesn't all that which he talks about.

(Austen, 1813, pg 69)

Mary is just trash

Somebody in the room decides they want music played for the room and Mary runs up and begins to play. Mary sounds like a dying cat being rain over by a train that is 100 cars long so she lasts a long time but its just really terrible.

(Austen, 1813, p. 72)

Collins gets shot down

Collin's decides to propose to Elizabeth and accordingly gets shot down. He declares she will change her mind but Elizabeth doesn't think so.

(Austen, 1813 p. 79-80)

Mr.Bennet stands up for Elizabeth

Mrs. Bennet got furious with Elizabeth after denying Collins of his proposal and asks Mr. Bennet to force

(Austen, 1813 p.81)

The Binglys decide to leave

The Binglys decide that the country isn't for them and that the women aren't what Bingly are looking for.

(Austen, 1813 p.87)

Collins proposed to Charlotte Lucas and go out

Charlotte, Elizabeths friend, goes behind Elizabeths back as well as her family and accepts Collins wedding proposal from Mr. Collins. They had met at the ball and apparently they continued talking.

(Austen, 1813, pg. 81)

The Daughters Lie to there Mothers

The daughters have to lie to there mothers about the Bingleys leaving town so there mother doesn't freak out. They say she went on vacation and were coming back.

(Austen, 1813, pg. 91)

Mrs. Bennet Mad at Elizabeth

Mrs. Bennet becomes mad at Elizabeth when she finds out that she let Mr. Collins get away from her and marry Charlotte.

(Austen, 1813, p.94)


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