The Fall Of Five

By Pittacus Lore


There were 10 beings known as the Garde fleeing from their conquered homeworld of Lorien and the rest of their kind was wiped out by the Mogadorians, a war-like people that invaded Lorien and drained it for it's resources, leaving it a desolate wasteland. The children have a charm placed on them that as long as they remain apart, they can only be killed in order 1 to 9. The Mogadorians found 3, but the remaining 7 are learning to control their powers, known as Legacies, to combat the Mogadorians and revive their fallen homeworld.

Review and Opinion

  • I did enjoy reading this book.

  • It contains my favorite characteristics in a book: action, a little bit of backstory, and romance.

Describing the Text


  • Uses colloquial language

  • The level of reading is a bit confusing at first, but only due to the different perspectives.

  • "... it's like the tears have gone out of me and I just feel hollow." (Lore 340)

"... his soft features look almost apologetic." (Lore 337)