Verizon Center

By David Wang & Sam Bashiri

History of the Verizon Center

The Verizon center was first built in the mid 1990’s and was owned by Abe Polin and his wife Irene. Abe Pollin used to own the Capital Center, which was home to the Washington Bullets, Capitals, and Georgetown Hoyas until the Verizon Center was opened. After the opening on December 2, 1997, the MCI center, which what it was known as back then, held more than 3,300 events and more than 40 million people attended. After nearly a decade later, Verizon Wireless bought MCI and the arena’s name was changed. A year later in 2007, the Verizon Center installed one of the first high definition LED scoreboard. Also in 2007, giving credit to Abe for building the Verizon center, the city of Washington District of Columbia changed the name of the street in front of the arena the Abe Pollin Way.

Description of the Verizon Center

The Verizon Center is home for the Washington Wizards, Washington Mystics, Washington Capitals, and Georgetown Hoyas. This arena holds more than 220 events per year, a lot of it which are very high-profile and popular events. Besides sporting events, the arena is used for various concerts from chart-topping artist including Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, and Christina Aguilera. Located inside the Verizon Center are 18,277 seats, 106 luxurious suites, an indoor basketball court, and 10 dressing rooms, not mentioning all the concession stands and restaurants within it.

Criteria 2: Association with individuals who made a lasting contribution


  1. The Verizon Center was built in the mid 1990’s and was owned by Abe Pollin

  2. Washington D.C changed the street name in front of the Verizon Center to “Abe Pollin Way”

  3. Abe Pollin owned the Capital Center, it was the home of the Wizards, Mystics, Capitals, and Hoyas before the Verizon Center was built

Importance to community

The Washington Wizards are a very famous and talented basketball team, that is why they need a place like the Verizon Center to hold all of the fans and the result creates a very entertaining and fun atmosphere. The Verizon Center is important for many reasons, one of them is for entertainment. For example, it is held for a lot of important sports games, family reunions, and many other private events. That is why a lot of people of any age cab go to the attraction. The stadium brings many family and friends together and gives jobs for people who work in it.

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