The American Revolution

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The cause and effect of the american revolution

The French and Indian War.

The Tea Act

The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Massacre

Results of the French and Indian War

In 1978 the British wanted more land. They fought the French for their land. This was called The French and Indian War. Some Indians were helping the french and some Indians were helping the British. The colonist also helped the British win the war .The British won the war and the British gained land.The British king started the Stamp Act because the war was too expensive to pay. Then the king made the Tea Act. The Tea Act was a tax on the tea.

The colonists became angry and they did not want to pay tax so the colonists dumped the tea into the harbor. the king then got mad and made the Intolerable Acts.

Results of the American Revolution

The American Revolution started in 1775 Bunkers hill-British won but the lost more than 1,000 men. Fort henry-Francis scott key wrote the words to the Star-Spangle Banner. Battle of Saratoga-Turning point in the war. Battle of Yorktown- Colonist (Americans) defeat British.

The Cause of the French and Indian War

The French and Indian started because France had claimed most of the land of Ohio River Valley. The British also claimed this land and told the French they had to leave . The French refused to leave. The Native Americans joined the French and they declared a war on England. This was known as the French and Indian War.The British won this war and as a lt, they gained more land.