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Earths rumbling, the volcanos erupting. What do you do when this happens. You grab your survival shop supplies and go to a safe location.

Before the Disaster

It is always better to be prepared for the unknown before it strikes. To stay prepared you should have a kit handy. Below are a few things you might need.

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During the Disaster

During a disaster you want to stay somewhere inside and away from any flowing lava and get a gas mask on. Ash can be breathed in and cause damage to your lungs. This can be prevented by covering you mouth with a cloth or the gas mask.

After the Disaster

After the disaster happens there might be little after shocks or effect so you want to be prepared for it. Find radio and try to find the Emergancy broad cast station to find any news or updates on the disaster. Also the national guard or some one will have relief stations for anyone in need after the disaster.

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