School Store Code of Ethics

Sydney Shoaf


  • Negotiating prices

Our prices in the school store are always open to suggestion. If students think certain items are overpriced we could work out a more reasonable price.

  • Supporting advertising promises

If we advertise a product then we are guaranteed to follow through with our promise. If we are unfamiliar with an advertisement we will have to get it verified with Mr. Johnson.

  • Keeping the store clean

Our school store workers are responsible for their daily tasks. These tasks include sweeping the floor, cleaning the cookie trays, cleaning the ovens, and also cleaning off the glass display cases. Completing these tasks will ensure a clean school store free of bacteria.

  • Selling damaged merchandise

We will not sell damaged merchandise and if a customer thinks they have been sold damaged merchandise then we will replace the product for free.

  • Handling employee performance problems

If one of our school store workers if having a difficult time obeying the rules we will inform Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson will then decide the adjustments for the student.

  • Employee theft

We have cameras in our school store to monitor all the registers and products. If another school worker thinks an employee is stealing then they may tell a trusted adult or confront the person themselves.

  • Telling the customer the truth

We will always tell the truth to our customers to maintain a positive relationship between them.

  • Merchandise return policy

Our school store's merchandise control policy includes being able to return the product as long as it is not damaged in any way.

  • Accounting procedures

Accounting will take place everyday and the proper procedures will be followed.

  • Shoplifting

We have security cameras throughout the school store in hopes of preventing shoplifting. If shoplifting occurs then a teacher will be informed.