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May 15: Summer is nearly here! What will you read?

What's on YOUR summer reading list?

Summer is nearly upon us! Many of us are working on the various aspects of "closing" down the year, cleaning up the materials and preparing for end-of-year fun activities.

Like you, I too am working on shutting down the library for the school year. I am also, building a summer reading list that is quite long. All year long students & teachers will say, "Have you read this?" When I have not, it goes on my list. And summer is when that list is finally addressed!

Here are a few of the books on my summer reading list. If you want to keep up with my list, you can find what I've read:

-- on Twitter

-- on GoodReads

-- on the middle school's page on TVSD

So.. what's on your list?

Please share what's on your reading list? I would love to read some titles with you and discuss them!