Mrs. Van Nus' Classroom News

4th Grade's Weekly Update

Principal's Perch . . . By: Todd Langley

It was a fantastic week at Alcova. We are planning our Candle Light luncheons and winter break activities. Please pay attention to your teacher's calendars and the school calendar for events at Alcova.

Milestone information is trickling in and as soon as we have individual information for your students we will send them out. Scores across the state have returned lower than expected and we will be available to discuss individual scores and explain the results to our parents.

As always it is a pleasure to serve this community.

Looking Ahead:

Nov. 19th: Destination Learning Literacy Night 6:00-8:00

Nov. 23rd – 29th: Thanksgiving Holidays
Dec. 7th -11th: Santa’s Secret Shop will be open for shopping

Dec. 7th: Candlelight Lunch for Kindergarten and 4th grade

Dec. 8th: Candlelight Lunch for 1st & 5th

Dec. 9th: Candlelight Lunch for 2nd & 3rd

Dec. 10th: Alcova Chorus Holiday performance

Dec. 18th: End of 2nd Nine Weeks

Dec. 19th – Jan. 5th: Winter Holiday Break

Destination Laerning Literacy Showcase

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 6pm

770 Ewing Chapel Road

Dacula, GA

Classroom News from Mrs. Van Nus

We are half-way through the 2nd Nine Weeks! Time sure flies by when you're learning so much! Progress Reports came home on Thursday. Please sign and return them to school on Monday.

Thank you for signing off on our new grade form in the studnets' Friday Folders last week. I hope this system allowed you and your child the opportunity to communicate about their grades and their goals.

We only have one more week until Thanksgiving Break! Please make every effort to be at school ready to learn everyday!

Candlelight Lunch

Monday, Dec. 7th, 11:30am

770 Ewing Chapel Road

Dacula, GA

Check back for an exact time!

A Peek at Next Week:

Math: Next week we will begin rolling with FRACTIONS! We will still be visiting division and understanding how to use the remainder through our small groups.

What does it mean that 2 fractions are equivalent fractions?

Writing: We will begin researching the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies and writing a research paper.

What are 2 differences between the Southern Colonies and the New England Colonies?

Reading: We will continue talking about main idea and supporting details in a variety of different texts.

What strategy can I use to help me find supporting details in a text?

Social Studies: We will begin discussion on the Southern Colonies and hopefully wrap up our unit on the colonies.

What was the difference in New England's soil and the Middle Colonies' soil?

Science: We took our test on the Solar System this week.

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Math - I can compare benchmark fractions to determine if they are equivalent.

I can explain what equivalent fractions are.

Writing - I can research topics for an information writing piece.

Reading - I can find the main idea and supporting details in a passage.

I can determine what details do not support the main idea.

Social Studies - I can talk about life in the Southern Colonies.

I can talk about the similarities and differences in the New England, Middle, and Southern Colonies.

Specials Next Week:

Monday: STEM-Math

Tuesday: STEM-Science

Wednesday: STEM-Science

Thursday: STEM-Science

Friday: STEM-Science


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