Save your best friend

Adopt and save animals

We are here to stop animal abuse

One of the top animals suffering from abuse are dogs. There are 1,880 abuse cases, in which 64.5% involved dogs. The remaining involved cats and other pets.
My group and I are doing a project by helping to stop animal cruelty. We believe that animals are people's best friends. We do not understand why people would try to kill them or even just kill them for fun. They are so innocent. Animals can care for people and help them to be happy when they are feeling blue. They also help people with special needs, or even in people's professions such as the Army, police forces and others.


Helping us to protect your best friend would be amazing ! We can all save animals in danger, they can be any animal, BIG or SMALL . All we ask of you, is for your help to donate your heart and soul for this cause.

SCCAS (Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter )

Email or call if you have any questions.

This flyer was made by a 6th grade student at MVCS as part of a "Make a Change" project.