"You Are Phenomenal"

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"Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy." --Dale Carnegie

Good Evening,

I hope our Bluford Family is having an awesome SNOW DAY, you deserve the rest and relaxation. We are changing the image and narrative of Bluford STEM Academy, brick by brick! Not one parent during Magnet Mondays ask what was Ms. Black's scores on the EOGs or Mr. White's TRC data . That means we are all in it together, EVERYONE! You guys are awesome! We have some of the best educators in Guilford County Schools and I truly believe that. You are not Average, You are not Ordinary! You are Phenomenal! We are a staff of collaboration and not of competitiveness. With one, we can do a lot, but together we can do so much more.

Shout Out to Ms Stanley! Ms. Stanley has been at Bluford STEM Academy for a long time! She continues to demonstrate a hardworking attitude, along with being empathic to our Bluford Students! Way to go Ms. Stanley!

Shout Out to Ms. Galvin! Ms. Galvin continues to do an awesome job with our Exceptional Children at Bluford. She pushes our EC students daily and does an awesome job with keeping up with our student's IEPs throughout the school year. She also does an awesome job with Technology with her students and she has tons of technology resources! Way to go Ms. Galvin!

Shout OUT to Ms. Moxley and her ACES Family! Ms Moxley does an incredible job with our ACES Students. Ms. Moxley does many different STEAM projects to give our Bluford STEM Students a wide variety of activities. Way to go Ms. Moxley!

Shout OUT to our 1st and 4th Grade Teachers! These STEM Educators led a STEM Meeting, that went through various STEM resources that many of our STEM Educators can utilize daily. Keep collaborating and sharing STEM Resources, we can learn a lot from each other! Way to go 1st and 4th Grade Teacher!

Shout OUT to all of our STEM Teachers that utilize Class Story! Many of our STEM Teachers utilizes Class Story on the weekends and even during the snow days.With Class Story, our STEM Teachers have been giving our parents updates of student work in the classroom, upcoming projects and so much more. There is nothing like having the support of our parents with our students, it can go a long way. Way to go STEM Teachers!

Shout OUT to Ms. Copeland and the Black History Month Committee! You have probably seen different emails from Ms. Copeland and other members of the Black History Month Committee about our Paper Wax Museum. It is turning out to be Awesome! If you go in front of the library you will see the start of the Paper Wax Museum. Way to go Black History Month Committee!

Shout OUT to Ms. Hunter and our Cafeteria Staff! Our Cafeteria Staff goes above and beyond each and every day! They are committed to make sure our Bluford Students have a well balanced meal each and everyday! They also help us with our field trips, Bluford nightly events, and after school groups. We truly appreciate everything, we can't thank you enough! Way to go Ms. Hunter and Cafeteria Staff.

Shout OUT to Ms. Littlejohn and Student Council! The Coordinator of Pasta for Pennies with the Leukemia Lymphoma Society came to talk to our Student Council Members about what is leukemia and lymphoma and what is chemotherapy and how it works. She had the students act out the process with props. Way to go Ms. Littlejohn and Student Council!

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