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19th June 2020

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Dear Parents / Carers,

This week school has sounded more like a school should sound, full of life! It has been fantastic to have Reception and Year 1 back with us and they have all got used to the new routines incredibly well. I am so proud of the way they have taken the return in their stride and have all been ready, respectful and safe! We are looking forward to having Year 6 back on Monday.

Just a few reminders and updates for this week:

  • Please ensure that you are aware of the staggered start times for each year group and stick to them as closely as you can so that you don't drift into another group arriving or leaving. Much work has gone into ensuring the safe return of our children in their bubbles so please don't put that at risk by being late or too early.
  • Can I please remind parents that they must leave the site as soon as they have collected their child. We are seeing several parents staying to chat to other parents and not keeping their social distance of at least 2 metres.
  • Once Year 6 are back with us next week, we will have all available staff back in school and will be using all but one of our classrooms. This means that we have no further capacity for any other year groups to return to school until the Government guidelines are changed to allow us to create full classes or larger group bubbles. Therefore sadly, Years 2 - 5 will not be returning to school before September at the earliest.
  • On this note, although the Government have commented on catch-up programmes and summer provision, there has as yet been no DfE guidance on this for schools. Therefore, school will be closing as normal for the summer holidays on 17th July for all pupils.

I will of course update you should anything change.

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Karen Williams

Head Teacher

National School Sport Week at Home

Next week, we will be joining the Youth Sport Trust and Sky Sports to help young people and families up and down the country engage in a week of virtual sporting challenges.

With young people set to miss out on their main school sport day this summer, the Youth Sport Trust is taking its annual National School Sport Week campaign beyond the school gates to parents and families - reinvented as National School Sport Week at Home.

Taking place from 20 to 26 June, the UK-wide campaign will give families, communities, schools and sports clubs the chance to capture the enjoyment, competition and camaraderie they have been missing out on during weeks of school closures and social distancing.

Children in school will be taking part in socially distanced physical activities and for the children taking part in home learning activities, challenges can be found on the website under 'News / Letters'. If you would like to register for even more ideas and resources then you can visit the 'YST National School Sports Week' page to access videos and activities. You might like to share videos or photographs with your child's class teacher.

Have fun and stay active!

Good Work Awards, Friday 19th June

Reception - Evie Dawson

Year 1 - Skyla Sutcliffe and Eric Panait

Hazel - Henry Charlesworth and Ella Kitton

Cherry - Finn Mallinson and Oscar Court

Maple - Amelia Seguss and Sam Bennett

Sycamore - Isabelle Bembridge and Robin Dorman

Oak - Finn Baines and Caitlin Murphy

Hot Chocolate Friday 19th June

Reception - Tilly Botham

Year 1 - All the returning children

Hazel - Eli Linford and Sienna Hill

Cherry - Nicolla Biddlestone

Maple - Sophie Rosbrook and Ewan Pert

Sycamore - Oscar Myers

Oak - Georgia Webster and Caitlin Allars

Good Work Awards, Friday 12th June

Reception - Isabel Ayton

Year 1 - Niamh Nunez and Brooke Thomlinson

Hazel - Harrison Pollard and Nancy Carr

Cherry - Grace Plowright and Olivia Plowright

Maple - Elliot Schwarz and Cora Moy

Sycamore - Clara Partington and Alex Watson

Oak - Paige Beverley and Eloise Herbert

Hot Chocolate Friday 12th June

Reception - Emie Poskitt

Year 1 - Bob Miller

Hazel - Emma Edwards and Sadie Morrell

Cherry - Alexander Peace

Maple - Sophie Rosbrook and Ewan Pert

Sycamore - Lola Edmundson

Oak - Evie Mason and Charlotte Boddy


Thrive® promotes children’s and young people’s positive mental health by helping adults know how to be and what to do in response to their differing and sometimes distressed behaviour.

During lockdown, Thrive offers a FREE parent and carers tool kit. To access this, go to

Under menu go to Who do we work with

Parents and Carers

Try out the Thrive-online parent toolkit

Register with Thrive

Complete your details

Read terms and conditions and click next (there is no course to attend this is just how the system has been set up)

Book now

Members Area

You will then be logged onto the Members Area

Once you have completed sets 1-4 you can then access the online tool kit

View Strategies

Choose two strategies at a time to focus on

If you need support, please telephone on 01392 797555

Summer Reading Challenge - June to September 2020

The Summer Reading Challenge is in an online format this year running from June to September. Children can sign up to create a free online account with their own avatar and this year's theme is: The Silly Squad.

Website link:

Website link to info for parents:

The digital Challenge is free to access, featuring games, quizzes and digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in treading related activities at home. Although library buildings are closed, libraries will also continue to deliver the Challenge through virtual services and e-lending platforms.

With school life disrupted and many children missing the company of their friends, this year’s fun-filled Summer Reading Challenge will be all the more vital as a way of helping parents and carers find fun, family-friendly activities, maintain literacy levels and create a safe space for children to connect with their peers.

Welcome back to those that are back at school!!

Thank you to all the teachers for the continuous support through these strange times.

We hope you have all been keeping safe and well. Keep checking our Facebook page and this space for news and possible upcoming events and activities.

Did you know.. Bees sometimes sting other Bees (one to get your head round)



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