Room 113 News September 4th

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Thursday, September 17 and Friday, September 18 there is no school for students.

Mystery Readers and Visitors

If you are interested in coming in to read a story to the class, we would be delighted to have you. Please email Mr. Hagen if you are interested. Feel free to bring a book you know the class will enjoy or we can help you pick one. Another thing parents can do is come in and read a book with their home culture as a theme. International Day is at the end of October and it would help the kids make connects to this event. We will have mystery readers and speakers all year. You are also welcome to come and speak to the class about your profession or anything else you are passionate about. Passions Day is also coming soon!

Room Parent and Volunteering

We do not have an official room parent yet. If you are interested in helping, please email Mr. Hagen. If several people express interest, this can be a shared responsibility. We know you have busy schedules and there are many classes that do not have an official room Mom or Dad. Thank you!


Using this app will soon be homework twice a week. Using the app on an i-pad may be much easier for kids. Let Mr. Hagen know if you cannot access it at home. I've heard from a few families that you must access the app through the US iTunes store. A parent from another room shared this quick fix.

I’ve been in contact with support today and it seems that you can change the country or region on the iPad temporarily to access the US iTunes store. The link below provides the instructions on how to do so. After you download the app, change the country back.


Our first unit of study has come to a close. We will continue to work on addition and subtraction strategies all year. This is a main focus in grade 2. You can see the strategies we have learned and practiced below. We have just started our next unit of study around measurement and problem solving. RDW will be an expectation for the remainder of the year and is quite challenging.
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Here is some information about the importance of home reading. The 20 minutes each night is meant to be fun! You can read to your child, he/she can read to you, you can partner read in one of the four ways he/she knows, or you can listen to him/her read to you. Home reading does not have to be silent and independent. Seven and Eight year olds are NOT too old to read to. Take advantage of the time when your children want you to read to them. The books that come home each night are NOT meant to be challenging. Let Mr. Hagen know if you need help finding the right books for you child.
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