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Dear news reporter,

I would like to stay unknown for now but I really need some advice. Earlier today I got into a big fight with my only friend, because she wanted to go to a party. I said no because I didn't want to get in troulble, so my friend started telling me that I need to live for once and stop being a goody two shoes. We continued arguing and later on she started talking about my mothers death and it hurt me really badly. I said some really harsh words and I stormed out of her room. Should I talk to her or just stay distant for a while?

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is about a girl and how her life is being controlled by others, suddenly it all changes after a boy enters. Lena is easy to scare and is addicted to following the rules. In her world doctors discover that love was dangerous disease called am or delira nervosa and she wants to stay far away from it. Luckily for the people doctors found a cure and everyone has to have a proceducer done to become cured. After the procedure you are then paierd with your spouse, how many children you are gonna have, and what their going to be in life. Hanna, Lena's friend, doesn't believe n the disease and she doesn't care about rules. One day the two decided to do a run, while runinnig they meet Alex, someone Lena is falling in love with. Is Lena going to follow the rules, or live for once and go after Alex?

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During the middle of the book things are starting to get really heated between Lena and Hannah. Lena goes to Hannah's house so they can go to the annual Fourth of July event. When Lena walks into her room she hears her listening to strange music. After she notices Lena is there she tries to convince Lena to live for once and go to a party with boys. When Lena hears this information she feels as if she is going to go crazy and tear stuff down. She starts thinking that Hanah has amor deliria nervosa, and tells her that she is becoming a different person. The two start arguing and Hannah tells Lena that she needs to get over her mother's death and live. Lena's heart has sunk when she hears what her best friend said, and she starts saying harsh words. She finally storms out and the two become distant for a while.


Grace was a young child. She wasn't know to talk very much, but she was still well taken care of. With a sister, mother, and a cousin she was never left unbothered. She lived a short life but that didn't stop her from making and impact on the families lives. The mourn of the lost will be filled with condolences from family and friends. Little Grace will always be remembered and she will be missed. May she rest in peace and God be with her.
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