Year of the Hangman

Gary Blackwood

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Primary Setting

New Orleans/The Colonies in 1777 -year of the hangman-

Main conflict

Creighton doesn't know if he should help the Americans or the British

Main Characters

  • Creighton Brown- He was the main character, he was from Britain originally but his mother sent him to America to live with his uncle because his mother needs someone who can take better care of him then she can because she claims he is mischievous
  • Hugh Grower- He is Creighton's uncle on his mother's side. He is the Colonel in the American Army. He resembles Creighton a little since Creighton looks more like his mother. Creighton's father and him use to be in the army together before, he died.
  • Henry Brown- He is Creighton's father. People thought he was dead, when really he was in prison. He is a Major in the American Army. He is Grower's brother in law, married to his sister.
  • Dr.Benjamin Franklin- American Patriot who publishes The Liberty Tree, a banned rebel newspaper. Franklin takes Creighton in because he believes him to be loyal to the Patriots. He dies after a fire in the print shop which was started by British soldiers. The soldiers, under Gower's orders, dressed as Native Americans and then set fire to the print shop.


Beginning- Creighton moves to America to live with his uncle- Hugh Grower-

Creighton starts working at the print press

Middle- Creighton meets a french girl name Sophie

Creighton and Dr. Franklin teams up. Franklin eventually dies in a fire

End- Creighton helps breaks his father out of prison

Creighton gets shot