Gamers Pledge

For A Community Free Of Haters and Trolls

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As A Gamer, I Realise I Contribute To An Incredibly Diverse Social Network Of Gamers Around The World, And That My Actions Have The Ability To Impact Others. In An Effort To Make A Positive Impact, And To Create A Community That Is Welcoming To All, I Pledge To Not Use Bigoted Language While Gaming, Online And Otherwise.

Our Goals

1. Make The Gaming Community A Welcoming and Inclusive Space For All Through Active Advocacy and Personal Responsibility.

2.Educate Gamers On The Impact Of Bigoted Speech and Content.

3.Create and Host Safe and Inclusive Gaming Spaces.

Let's Become A Better Community By:

1. Respecting The Choices Of Other People

2. Don't Become A Fanboy Of A Specific Console (Ps3, Ps4, Pc, Wii, Wii U Xbox 360 and Xbox One)

3. Don't Use Hacks

4. Don't Use Inappropriate Language

5. Stopping Racism

6. Having Good Online Match Without Making Any Inappropriate Comments