Job Interview Process

- Mitzy Diaz

Before the Interview

  • Research the position
  • Think about your work experience especially interest and skills
  • Find out what the employer is looking for in the position
  • Prepare questions and answers
  • Take a practice run around the building to know how long it takes to get their and where it is
Interview Tips - What You Need To Do Before You Interview

During the interview

  • Smile when you first enter
  • Be on time show up 5-15 minutes earlier
  • Introduce yourself with a strong firm hand and say your name
  • Tell the receptionist who you are and why you are there
  • Have a good posture and attitude

5 common interview questions

  • What's your greatest weakness? You should answer this by saying you are working on getting working on it keep it job related
  • Tell me about yourself? Answer this by talk about only job related keep it simple and don't talk about personal life
  • What do you know about this company? See the company goals and bring those up say your personally drawn to the company
  • Why should we hire you? Work around the question to say you can deliver the job that they wont hire any other candidates you fit good in the team
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Be honest and specific , have realistic goals say with what will work with the job

After the interview

  • Shake their hands when you leave say thank you for interviewing you
  • Write a thank- you note
  • Provide a follow-up
  • Ask them if you should call or they should call.

Dress for the interview

  • Guys should wear a suit with matching socks
  • Avoid flashy colors
  • Clothes should be neat and clean
  • Don't smoke before the interview
  • Girls need to be more conservative
  • Make up shouldn't be to bold
  • Shoes should be small
  • Dress in a mannerly manner

Interview Don'ts

  • Don't make negative comments about your previous job interviewer
  • Don't put false things on your application
  • Don't put your pain interest on the salary
  • Don't chew gum because it will be disrespectful