Owl Notes



*DECEMBER- If you are like me, just yesterday we were starting this year and now it is already December. So much to do and so little time. Keep on the course and stay strong! We will make it to December 19!

*TEAM LEADER MONDAY - Team leaders will be meeting on Monday. If you have any issues or concerns, please let your team leader know so that we can address them at this meeting.

*SLO & T-TESS GOAL - Make sure you have gone into Eduphoria and updated activities on your SLO and T-TESS goals. Please also put SLO review on a CTT before winter break so you can analyze as a team where currently on in making progress.

* FOURTH GRADE PROGRAM - We will do 2 different programs during the day. One will be 9:30 and the other at 2:00. The parent program is at 6:30 that evening.

* DR. WINKLER VISIT - Dr. Shellie Winkler will be here on Friday. We will be walking classes and just checking in. If we enter, please keep teaching. She wants to see learning in action!

* PAY CHECK REMINDER - Remember that our paychecks are adjusted to fit the holiday season. Pay dates are November 30, December 11, December 17 and then not again till January 15. Just a reminder to plan accordingly!

*CORE TEAM MEETING - We are going to move Core Team meeting to Monday, December 10 instead of December 17. Please make plans to stay for this meeting if you are on the Core Team. We will quickly review the HRS survey results and talk about where we need to go with this.

*FACULTY HOLIDAY PARTY - Reminder that the Faculty Holiday Party will be held on Friday, December 14 at Baker Street Pub. The social committee will be asking for reservations before too long. Please consider attending this event, even if for a short amount of time. It's always good to extend our relationships beyond or grade/department.

*POLAR EXPRESS DAY - We will have Polar Express Day/pj day on Tuesday, December 18. Please join us in wearing school appropriate pajamas to school that day, if you would like.

*12 DAYS COUNTDOWN - We are going to be doing an amended version of the 12 days countdown. A link to the schedule will be sent to you before it starts. Participation on fun days is voluntary.

*GT NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN - If you have students who YOU feel need to nominated for GT testing (parents will be notified soon about the window being opened). the window is open. If you need a form, see Kara. Once you have completed it, give it to Deanna.


The 12 Days of Christmas or Countdown to the holidays begins on Tuesday. We are doing it a little different this year. Each day will be a "fun day." Feel free to pick and choose the days that you want to participate in. You can do all 12 or just the ones you want. Here is the link to all 12 days.

Here is a link to the 12 Days so that you can get a head start. There are a few "surprise" days that you will have to be here to find out what those are! :) Look forward to counting down with you!



We will have a "Sonic Drink Day" during the 12 days. If you wish to have a drink delivered to your room, please complete your order at the link below. It needs to be done by Friday, December 7!



SLO - Have you looked back at your grade level SLO or teacher goals lately? What progress are you making on them?


MONDAY -Team Leader Meeting/Bilingual Coach on campus

TUESDAY - Third and fourth flip schedules with first and second for testing

WEDNESDAY - Second grade planning day

THURSDAY - Fourth grade program, 9:30 and 2:00

FRIDAY - Dr. Shellie Winkler campus visit


Yearly, Junior League of North Harris County and South Montgomery County offer a guest speaker to teacher/staff in area district, including CISD. This year the event will take place on Saturday, February 9 with doors opening at 8 and presentation starting at 9. DR. RICK RIGSBY will be the guest speaker this year. I've included a clip from him so that you can hear what we are in for that morning. If you are interested in attending, the link to Eduphoria registration is below. He sounds amazing!!!



Felix Rodriguez - For making active start fun for everyone.

Second grade team - for switching specials with fourth grade for the reading benchmark! - 4th grade

Becky and the Generation Texas Committee - for the great week! - 4th grade

Keith Wardrup - for building me a top for my projector cart! - Shelby

Maria Falcon - for letting us use half the library for our planning day...and really spread out, and get a little loud. LOL - third grade team

Lavonne Kelley - you are wonderful at always answering my questions! - Dena

Goals for 18-19

1. By December, all math teachers will be trained and will have implemented Poster Method twice a month.

2. Starting in January, teachers will focus on aligning two anchor stations with current learning in the classroom.

3. By the end of the school year, reading and writing teachers will be trained in the conferring process and create their own documentation of conferences.

Upcoming Dates


2 - Elizabeth Young's birthday

3 - Team Leader Meeting, Bilingual Coach on campus

4 - Third and Fourth Math Benchmark

5 - Second grade planning day

6 - Fourth grade program, 9:30 and 2:00

7 - Dr. Winkler visit to campus @ 8:45 a.m.

8 - Hillary Soniat's birthday

11 - PTO Spirit Night @ Mama Juanitas

12 - Tami out at Principals' Meeting

13 - Kelly Donald's birthday

13 - PTO Meeting

14 - Poster Method

14 - PTO Luncheon

14 - Holiday Staff Party

16 - Nancy Heidenreich's birthday

17 - Core Team

18 - Sherry Kissner's birthday

18 - Polar Express Day - wear your pjs to school

19 - Early dismissal for winter break

19 - Jan 6 - Winter Break

20 - Becky Playfair's birthday

28 - Deanna Roger's birthday

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