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November 9th, 2020 Week 12

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Happy cold Monday everyone! Fall has officially arrived this weekend/week and be sure to get out your sweaters and jackets as it is officially "sweater weather". I always appreciate the changing of seasons as an indicator to reset, refocus, and recommit to how I want to do/be better in the coming season. One way for students to do that is to check and make sure they don't have any missing assignments. We are coming up on 2nd Quarter Progress Reports very soon. If you need your Homelink info to check assignments see below. Have a great week everyone!

REMINDER: NO SCHOOL on WEDNESDAY, November 11th due to Veterans Day. Additionally, the district will be doing updates and there will be a district-wide network outage on Wed 11/11. Students will not have access to their school Google accounts on this day.

*If you do not have your verification code to access Homelink please click here. We have also included information below about Intradistrict transfers for next school year. You only have until Nov 15th to apply so don't miss it. This is especially important for 8th graders when they promote to high school. We hope you all have a great week this week!

*If you know of someone who does not receive this newsletter, have them visit our school website here and fill in their email address to subscribe to it.

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We are very excited to adopt a new form of communication at El Dorado and in the MDUSD. ParentSquare is designed to keep parents informed and facilitate participation at school. It provides a safe way for the school principal, teachers, staff, and parents to:

  • Send and receive school and class information

  • Share pictures and files

  • See calendar items

  • Sign up to volunteer

  • and much more . . . all in one centralized place!

ParentSquare Parent Videos

You will be receiving an invite through email or text to join ParentSquare later Monday afternoon. (if you do not receive one please call the office). You do not have to sign up for an account to receive notifications but you will need to sign up if you would like to message school staff, teachers, etc. Additionally, you can set how you would like to receive messages from the school and teachers to either email, text or through the app. All schools will be using ParentSquare if you have students at other schools all messages will be in one place. If you have any questions please let us know. There are also video available above to support parents and families.


Last week we held our photo day for 8th graders and it was great to get to see our students in person. If you have an 8th grader and they missed their day, you are welcome to attend any of the upcoming days.

Next week is our 7th Grade Photo Day on Wed 11/18 from 11:15-4:00. Please click the link below to sign up for a time slot. Please arrive at the time of your appointment and follow the signs into campus. Students will enter through the main gate and line up outside the MU. They will then exit out the opposite side in the front of the school. (if you have siblings in different grades, they can all come on the same day) Priority will be given to those that sign up for a time but you do not have to have one and may drop in. All social distancing protocols will be enforced and everyone coming on campus is required to wear a mask. 7th and 6th grade sign up links coming soon.

Wed, Nov 18th: 7th Grade School Pictures 11:15-4:00 pm

Wed , Dec 2nd: 6th Grade School Pictures 11:15-4:00 pm [sign up link coming soon]


We know there have been a lot of questions in the community in regards to the Hybrid and Distance Learning plans and what the remainder of the year could look like. Here is the Superintendent's Friday Letter which contains some information.

A very important survey was sent out from the district to your email or you can find it below:

Non-Binding Family Reopening Survey Surveys from the District will help to decide how Hybrid and Distance Learning will operate. The first survey that has been pushed out to families, is non-binding. It is an exploration to find out how each of our school communities is thinking about what they may want for their child/children. The second survey, which will be binding, will be pushed out on November 16. There is a lot of information that is being developed and will be distributed prior to the deadline for the binding survey.

The District has not finalized any details on exactly what the Hybrid model will look like. At this time we cannot definitively tell you the classes, the teachers, the numbers, etc. What we can share is the proposal of a Hybrid schedule would allow students (limited in number) to come on campus for two days for instruction, which will include some online learning those days as well. They also will have three days of independent learning, which may include assignments and possibly pre-recorded videos. Until we know what families prefer and what staff will do, we cannot determine the exact details for Hybrid at this moment.


Mindful Life Project is excited to announce weekly virtual mindfulness sessions for parents/caregivers! Mindfulness is a science-backed practice that trains the mind, body, and heart to be in the present moment with specific mindful skills. Mindfulness can literally change the wiring of the brain from being far too often in stress response to healthy integration. As the research shows the benefits are life-changing and include:

  • Better focus and concentration

  • Increased sense of calm

  • Decreased stress & anxiety

  • Enhanced health

  • Improved impulse control

  • Increased self-awareness

  • Skillful responses to difficult emotions

  • Increased empathy and understanding of others

  • Development of natural conflict resolution skills

  • Decreased blood pressure, increased cardiovascular health, improved immune system, and much much more!

English Session Click here

Spanish Session Click here

Want a short preview? Check out Mindful Life Project’s 3-minute animated video narrated by an 8th grader: https://youtu.be/HKq7C4Lo5rc




The month of November is a time to focus on gratitude and being thankful.

"Be present in all things and thankful for all things" Author and Poet, Maya Angelou

- Focusing on 3 things you are thankful for

- Write your 3 things on small piece of paper that you keep with you all day

- Each time you start to have negative feelings or thoughts, look at your list and practice being thankful.

Ms. Grant & Ms. Finch, EDMS Counselors


Intradistrict transfers are for students who reside inside the MDUSD boundaries requesting to transfer to another MDUSD school.

Online Application Request Periods for the 2021- 2022 School Year. The application for Secondary Grades 6-12 will be available: October 15, 2020 - November 15, 2020. Applications can be found here.

Please note your next home school if you are moving from 5th-6th grade or 8th-9th grade.

Elementary Grades TK-5 (including Two Way Dual Immersion and Bilingual Program transfer requests): February 10, 2021 - March 10, 2021

Learning Together...

Parent of an 8th grader? Check this out...

Ygnacio Valley High School offers the two year International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, or “IB DP”, for students entering 11th grade. This academic university prep programme challenges students in six core subjects.

To learn more about the rigors and expectations of the IB programme at Ygnacio Valley High School, please join us at our Information Night for Parents/Guardians, which will be held on Thursday, November 12th at 7:00 pm. Attending this information session will ensure you have information needed if you wish to pursue an IB education at Ygnacio Valley High. Register here.

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[REPOST]Food Services...

Meal distribution is happening MWF with Grab and Go Free Meals for breakfast and lunch. The new hours are 8:00-12:30 and 3:30-5:00. Families can still complete a food services application which can be found here. Please see the flyer below for more information.
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Teachers are recording your child's attendance through the codes provided by CA State to represent their highest level of participation for that day:

  • P = Present: Online synchronous instruction, 1:1 office hours

  • 4 = Online Activity: Completed a test, turning in assignments, etc
  • 3 = Communication w/ Certificated Staff: 2-way communication with student and/or parent online or by email
  • A = Absent (none of the above engagement)
Support Staff Code:
  • 6 = Support Service Access: Speech Therapy, OT, PT, Counseling


  • Students must log-in using their MDUSD.NET email account
  • Log-on to Zoom/Google Meet five minutes prior to class starting
  • Have First and Last name correctly spelled on your Zoom/Google Meet window (students may not be let into their class meeting if their names are not correct)
  • We encourage students to have their cameras on (if possible) and microphones on mute unless speaking to teacher or as directed by teacher.
  • Students should be in appropriate school attire during online meetings
  • Use the Chat appropriately (To ask questions, connect to teacher)

Technology and Chromebook Support

Upcoming Dates/Events

[please click here to subscribe to our school calendar]

Wed, Nov 18th: 7th Grade School Pictures 11:15-4:00 pm
Wed, Dec 2nd: 6th Grade School Pictures 11:15-4:00 pm.

Wed Nov 11th: Mindful Life Project Family Training 3:30 [Español]

Thur, Nov 12th: Mindful Life Project Family Training 3:30 [English Edition]

Tues, Nov 17th: Dine and Donate @ Chipotle in Concord on Salvio St 4-8 pm

Mon, Nov 23rd-27th: NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving Break