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Rodan + Fields Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Need help crossing names off of your Holiday Shopping List this year? We have some great options for you, including the two gift packs pictured above! The lip kit is perfect for anyone this winter season as we start to battle freezing temps. And our NEW Beyond The Shave kit is sure to have every man looking and feeling like a million bucks.

I really love today's R+F Holiday Gift Guide, but if you can't find what you're looking for in there then I think you'll love these other suggestions! Here are my ideas and suggestions for those extra special people in your, dad, daughter, son, husband, wife, etc. We all deserve the best when it comes to caring for our skin, so why not give them the gift that keeps on giving?

Some things to remember as you're shopping...

  • We can enroll your loved one (or You) as a Preferred Customer to receive the best pricing and free shipping!
  • Every order is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose!
  • I'll be here every step of the way, so you know you/you're loved one is going to receive excellent customer service.
  • Would you like to be on the receiving end? I would be oh so happy to share your wish list with loved ones. I LOVE playing Santa's helper :)

Should you find what you're looking for, please let me know and I'll be thrilled to get your order placed in time for Christmas!

The Ultimate Exfoliation

Our micro dermabrasion paste has somewhat of a cult following for a reason. It is the most luxurious high-glide, oil free scrub that can be used on face, body, hands, and feet. Follow it up with our body moisturizer and HELLO SILKY SMOOTH, baby soft skin! The best part about this is the tub of past lasts for about 6-8 months. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!!

Lips & Eyes

I think the rockstar of this combo has to be our Lip Serum. This past spring, VOGUE beauty editors raved about it and put it at the top of their spring Hit List. It is the key to getting the perfect pallet for lipstick. For the most kissable lips: exfoliate, serum, spf lip shield add the eye cloths and you will definitely be ready for that kiss under the mistletoe.

Healing Hands

Teachers and nurses go crazy over this one! Our hands are among the hardest working and most environmentally vulnerable parts of our bodies. That’s why the backs of people’s hands often look so much older than their faces. To defend against the telltale signs of skin aging, we created the REDEFINE Hand Treatment Regimen. It visibly brightens, diminishes visible redness and reduces the appearance of brown spots, wrinkles and thin, crepey skin. Regimen includes REDEFINE Hand Brightening Treatment and REDEFINE Age Shield Hand Balm.

Gym-bag Duo

This next grouping isn't really an obvious choice, but it's one I use all the time! Our peptide-packed eye cloths are great for removing makeup before using our micro dermabrasion paste for a deep exfoliation. My favorite time to use these two? After a workout! The perfect pair for your yogi, gym rat, marathon runner bestie! Or really anyone who loves to have clean, silky smooth skin! Remember-- the paste can be used all over your body.. Not just your face!

All About Eyes

Probably THE most popular combo! It's all about the eyes. Our peptide-packed eye cloths paired with our Multifunction Eye Cream (sold out for several months this year but finally available again!) will wipe out crows feet, puffiness, and dark circles. I can't think of a better or more appreciated gift for new mamas, people who work long hours, or anyone who wants brighter, younger looking eyes!!! You'll really nail it with this one.

Give It A Glow!

Who doesn't want to have the perfect summer glow year round?! Exfoliation, a uv free tanning foam, and hydration for body and lips will give you a natural glow and leave friends wondering which beach you just visited!

Grab Bag Items!

Last up for the under $100 gift guide! How about a little grab bag for ya?! These would bag great stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, etc.

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Top 10 Reasons to Join Rodan and FIelds Now Instead of After the Holidays

1) Holiday parties are the PERFECT time to start growing your business. You will see people you only see once a year, out of town friends and relatives, co-workers' spouses, and meet new friends!

2) Receive a paycheck in January to help pay for all the Holiday spending. (The start of RESIDUAL income!)

3) Give gifts from your business kit and R&F store to your friends, family, teachers, Secret Santa exchanges, etc.

4) Tax write-offs for 2015!!!

5) Gift giving season provides a great time to give mini-facial product samples to everyone you know with skin! You'll have access to the Award-Winning skincare that they can only purchase from an R&F consultant: YOU!

6) Capitalize on Rodan and Fields' limited time offer to earn back the ENTIRE COST of your business kit before it ends!

7) Leverage our Global Expansion ~ join now so you're ready for our expansion into Australia in 2016!

8) Take advantage of a HUGE SIGN ON BONUS ending December 15 ~ over and above getting your products for 50% savings in your business kit! Even if you're just looking for great skincare ~ this is by far THE BEST OFFER for award-winning skincare!

9) Give yourself the GIFT of residual income! The gift that will keep on giving! What would an extra $xxx, $x, xxx, or $xx, xxx a month do for you and your family? That can be YOUR reality!

10) GIve yourself the GIFT of great skin! Get started on these products NOW and you'll be looking RADIANT and years younger before the ball drops on New Year's Eve!

Message me and let's talk! Join my already growing team!!!

Want to Save More? Join Me in Business!

In your business kit, you'll receive 50% OFF all of the products!!! But, that is only the beginning of huge savings and unlimited income!

This is a particularly compelling time to be part of Rodan + Fields as convergence of important trends is creating new business opportunities and traditional business models are changing.

$2.9 billion dollars is spent each year on skincare products designed to reduce the signs of aging*

  • Rodan + Fields offers transformational skincare products for aging skin that are clinically proven to deliver visible results
  • Rise of social economy shifts power from corporations to individuals
  • Business model and compensation plan provides substantial income potential with minimal upstart costs

The power of the Rodan + Fields Business System is already evident. In 2007, Rodan + Fields was a leading clinical skincare brand in high end department stores. Since withdrawing from department stores and launching the direct selling program, numerous Rodan + Fields independent business owners are experiencing the income associated with sales volume that far exceeds what leading department store chains were able to achieve. By 2010, Rodan + Fields was recognized as the “Rising Star” by the Direct Selling Association (DSA), and the accolades have continued, resulting in prestigious industry awards for three years running. Today, the company is listed as one of the top 100 Direct Selling Companies globally. Click here to learn more about Direct Selling.