Martin Tarin

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Airfare cost and schedule

I will start my departure from Denver Co apr 30 to Rio de jeniro Brazil.I have bought a

Gulfstream III jet for my trip this jet will cost me 125 million.I will have servants and a private pilot.


I have bought a condo in Rio de Jeniro Brazil.The condo will cost aproxamitly 8,400,000.This condo has 2 flores 6 bedroomes 8 bathroms and a pool.Its on the shore side for an outstanding view.


490,00 is the price needed for a hang gliding experience with pics and video footage.I will also be parachuting on of those days in rio de jenero.4 to 5 hours round trip. Once where at the airport, safety instructions take about 15 minutes, then between take off and jumping it takes another 20 minutes. The free fall lasts for about 40 seconds and the gliding part with the parachute open lasts about 5 to 7 minutes and this hole experiance will cost 15,000 for 2 people.I will also be attending carnival a yearly festival that contains many many costumes and huge floats.


I have purchased a 2012 Ferrari 458 Italy for 269,900.I will also be acquiring a 2012 Porsche panamera 4dr hb turbo s that is worth 183,125.The third car i will be buying is a Bugatti veyron super sport witch the price will be 249,000.I will definitely be taking private transportation.I will also be getting a helicopter for 2,150,000.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

There are many problems that we could stumble upon during this trip to Brazil.First of all you could be mugged when youre there.Many reports show that were there is a touring indistry the crime rate increase by alot.The most common forms of crime affecting tourists are pick pockets and street muggings.To avoid this you could be carful were you walk or with who.You might be able to avoid this by traveling in groups.

Over view of Rio de Jenero Brazil and the statue

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All in all this trip has truly come out to be magnificent.The shore side is beautiful and full of joy.The city is full of happiness and good will.The experience of hang gliding and parachuting is priceless.

The view was unbelievably beautiful.Now i truly now what beauty is.