Hydro power

By Alliya Love

It's All About Water!

  • Hydro power is a form of energy created by water.
  • How it works? The Kinetic energy of flowing water is captured as it flows downstream. When the water is captured, turbines and generators convert the kinetic energy into electricity.
  • Why is Hydro power a good energy source? it is cost effective! Also it doesn't pollute the environment. It is all natural. It is renewable and depends on the water cycle.
  • History? Hydro power has been around for thousands of years for many tasks. It has been used to saw wood, create electricity, help grind flour, etc. Ever since the 1700's hydro power has been existent. Although technology is always advancing.
  • Pros and Cons!
  • Pros... Renewable, non-pollutant, Reliable, and low operating cost
  • Cons...expensive to build hydro power plants, interfere with aquatic ecosystems (fish), can alter river flow,etc.
  • Hydro power is used for 1/5 of the worlds electricity
  • Where is it being used? Mostly in Canada, China, US, Brazil, and Russia.
  • Fun Fact: The biggest hydro plant in the US is in Washington and it powers more than 70% of Washington's electricity.
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