AIESEC Carthage in Tunisia

Great opportunities

AIESEC Carthage

Founded in 1962, AIESEC Carthage is indeed the oldest Local Committee in Tunisia as well as the Middle East and North Africa region.

for 53 years AIESEC Carthage remained faithful to its principles which appears to be developing human potential and sense of Leadership

But Why Tunisia ?

Tunisia I Feel Like

Because of its History and Culture

the culture of Tunisia is mixed due to its long established history of conquerors such as Phoenicians, Romans, vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Turks, Spaniards and the french. They all splatters our history with their culture and the remaining traces of their passing are not to be forgotten.

Because of Its super views

Desert is a characteristic of th natural landscape of our country in the south, We also fin vegetation such as pine forests, meadows with grazing cattle as well and vineyards on the eastern cost. However, we should not forget the beauty of this country's costline wich is another characteristic of Tunisia's beauty, the Ile of Djerba is a major example of this

Because of its FOOD

the cuisine of Tunisia, is a blend of Mediterranean and desert dwellers' culinary traditions. Its distinctive spicy fieriness comes from neighboring Mediterranean counters and the many civilizations which have ruled the land now known as Tunisia: Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Turkish, French and the native Berber people.

Because of its cost of living

Currency: 1 Tunisian Dinar = 0.497 Dollar

  • Milk: 1,100 TD
  • Butter (500g): 1,000 TD
  • Yoghurt ( 180 g): 0,350 TD
  • Cheese ( 500 g ): 7,000 TD
  • Eggs (6): 1,100 TD
  • Bread: 0,200 TD
  • Rice: 1,250 TD
  • Spaghetti (500g): 0,500 TD
  • Sugar (1Kg): 1,200 TD
  • Flour (1kg): 0,800 TD
  • Beer( Local can): 1,300 TD
  • Beer in Pub : 5,000 TD
  • Table Wine: 7,000 TD
  • Wine: 16,000 TD
  • Packet of cigarettes: 6,000 TD

Great Opportunity

Draw a Smile

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  1. The Project: Project Draw a smile is an initiative of AIESEC Carthage in Tunisia which if solely focused on helping interesting children with minor mental disabilities or Grandparents in difficulties, achieve their everyday goals and letting them fully enjoy life and its components. Although they may be faced with certain challenges because they are special in a way, project Draw a smile wants to make their life easier and motivate them to be like every human being in the world and just be happy.
  2. Duration: 6 Weeks between November the 1st and March the 31st
  3. Openings: 20 OP
  4. Job description :
  • Organize culture activities
  • Assist disabled children and elders in their activities in their centers
  • Develop their manual skills through
  • activities such as pottery and them set up small machines andgadgets that will facilitate their daily activities.
  • assist the entertaining clubs and organize community services

Educate Me

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  1. 'Educate Me ' is a national project, the theme of which is as indicates it its name « the Education ». Noticing that the level of English in the Tunisian society does not stop degrading and that this phenomenon becomes more and more spread exceptionally at the young people and taking into account the fact that English is an international language, it is necessary to admit the justifiable need and the necessity of improving the level of our young people.The idea of the national project ' Educate Me ' appeared as the completed solution at this problem.
  2. Duration: 6 weeks between January the 15th and April the 15th.
  3. openings: 12 OP
  4. Job Description:

  • The intern has to participate in all the events related to the project, as well as organizing additional ones.
  • The intern has to work in a 3-member team, which will be supervised by a team leader trainee.
  • The intern has to come up with initiatives and ideas for the English sessions and present the to his/her team leader.
  • The intern has to be present and involved in the English sessions, such as managing workshops, team groups, planning outdoor activities for the students etc..
  • The intern has to deliver sessions in the English conferences held every two weeks during the whole project, the conferences may contain cultural and artistic activities.
  • The intern has to submit a report on his/her activities to his team leader