Flag Pole Estimation Project

Michael Chen, Eddy Hages, & Emily Titus (Jan. 28)

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AA Similarity

One pair of angles are the angles at the mirror. The other angles are the right angles made at the bottom of the person and the bottom of the flag pole, where both meet the ground. AA similarity is when two angles have two of the same angle measures, causing the triangles to be proportional to each other. This works because there are two triangles formed when the person looks at the flag pole through the mirror. The mirror reflects things, which causes the angles to be congruent to each other.
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Pencil Person

To do the pencil person technique, you must have a person, preferably 5 or 6 feet, stand next to the flag pole. You then have another person walk back from the flag pole with him holding a pencil forward until the pencil seems to be the same height as the person. The person with the pencil would then move the pencil up until he reaches the top of the flag pole. Then, you would take the number of times that the person had to move the pencil up and multiply that by the height of the person near the flag pole. The product would be about the height of the flag pole
Flag Pole Movie