City Seat

New York, NY USA

About Us:

Tired of feeling crammed on the subway? Like the feel of fresh air on your face? Enjoy the freedom of riding a share ride bike down the streets? But that seat... what about the rain, the sleet, the dirt, the sweat, and the thought of sharing your new outfit with that dude wearing short shorts? Not chic.

Enter: CitySeat. A new seat cover designed for Share Ride Bikes.

CitySeat’s cover is constructed from a proprietary blend of stretchable, waterproof fabric designed to keep you cool, clean and dry, all while contouring perfectly to the seat’s shape and rolling into itself as a 2x2 pouch. CitySeats are made to perfectly fit share ride bikes in New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Washington D.C., Boston, Chicago, Ohio, Oregon, Tennessee, and Melbourne, so wherever you are, cover your ass and don’t fret, they also fit most cruiser and spin bikes!

Born in Brooklyn, CitySeat is a way to protect yourself and your clothing while also adding a touch of personal style. Meticulously designed by three friends—Chelsea: a fashionable but fastidious woman who loves spinning, and Colin and Hal: CitiBike-loving guys who double as design engineers with backgrounds in technical fabrics – CitySeat offers unrivaled protection from the elements in a reusable and ingeniously stored design.

The only thing we love more than a fresh bike seat is the feeling of satisfaction we get from knowing that CitySeat is helping do more than just keep people fresh and dry. We’re donating a percentage of sales to Recycle-a-Bicycle, the New York based non-profit that “fosters youth development, environmental education, community engagement, and healthy living.

Opening Hours

Monday- Sunday 9 am-6 pm

(online always available and 24-48 hour response time via email)