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Whitacre Unit News & Notes

January 2013 Unit Recognition

Congratulations on a successful month. So goes January so goes the year. You girls are off to a great start!

Bonus Babes
  1. Tami Dampier $2400.76 (15% Bonus)
Tami was #21 in the Nation among Star Designers

Working Designers have $300+ PV

Joanne Gillis
Lisle Berry
LeAnna Criswell
Shelly Kennedy
Heather (I'm back in Lebanon) Rogers
Margaret Lindsay

Join us on February 26 at Mr. Yens (more details below) to receive a prize from me for your January sales. The higher the PV ($300 +) the more profit you earn and the bigger the prize!


Congratulations to Tami Dampier for sponsoring 2 new Designers.
Welcome to Cyndee Batey and Ashley Schmidt!!

Congratulations to Heather Rogers for Sponsoring 3 new Designers.
Welcome to Laura Overton, DeeDee Bjorvik and Erica Rodriguez!!!


Friday, Feb. 15th 2013 at 6am


Today is payday!
Today you received payment in your bank account for all online orders and any overages you had in January!
Also, everyone that had sales over $1250 received their BONUS commission.
$1250 = 5% Bonus
$1750 = 10% Bonus
$2250 = 15% Bonus
Congratulations girlies!
(If you have not set up your banking information in your designer profile, you will receive a check in the mail before the end of the month. Any online order credit/debit card fees will come from your commission for that month.)

February Combined Unit Training/Meeting

Tuesday, Feb. 26th 2013 at 6-8pm

4117 South National Avenue

Springfield, MO

Join us for a dinner meeting with the Springfield units. The Executives will have just returned from our Leadership Forum in Dallas! We will be bursting with excitement to share all the news and info with you.
SAVE THE DATE: MONDAY, APRIL 15TH for designers and guests!!!! NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH PARTY at The Clarion/Howard Johnson Hotel in Springfield! HUGE!


Let's finish February with a big POTTERY PUSH!

Everyone that sells 50 pieces off the Pottery Sale will ...
End up with $1,450 PV
Earn 35% from the sales equaling over $500 profit!!!!

Bring your Invoices showing the 50 pieces of pottery to our Feb. 26th Dinner Meeting at Mr Yen's!

Everyone at the meeting that did this will go into a very special drawing-- one lucky winner takes home $100 in product!

Easy way.... Have one person sell 5 pieces of $29 sale pottery-- and she wins a free $29 piece of pottery FREE from you.

Find 10 people to do this--- and you are on your way!!! You combine these orders to make a party.
(Below is a sample jpg. that you can save to your computer and upload in an email or post to facebook.)

What will you do with $500 profit?
Big image

February - March Upcoming Promotions and Announcements

February - March 2013 Upcoming Promotions and Announcements


Links and webid's. Log into your account and quicksearch TIP OF THE WEEK to learn how to change your web id and how to share links in email, facebook, twitter etc.....
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There is a new version (pictured below) that is the same price with a different updated cover. It has 40 pages and includes a few mini casserole recipes. They are approximately $1.35 each and come in bundles of 10. Please call or email to let me know how many you would like to order. Payment is required before the order is placed. If you do not live locally, please contact your sponsor.

Patti Whitacre

I am always as close as your phone when you have a question.