Basic Uses of Home Intercom System

When considering home security and safety one method you may find effective is intercom systems. While intercoms are a useful tool they are not as quickly considered for home safety use as home alarms are. What follows is a brief explanation of the components of an intercom system, the many uses a home intercom system has, and what to look for in a purchase.

What Makes Up An Intercom System

A home intercom system at its most basic level is the outside intercom, a method of communication for visitors, and your home’s internal intercom controls which control the door locks. More advanced models offer more then simply voice communication. A higher end model can have a camera, which adds a visual element to go along with voice communication. These cameras can range from simple single shot all the way to several different angles and movement tracing. For visitors you can purchase more advanced ways of giving feedback, These can include keypads for passwords, and card reader systems to restrict access only to those with the right pass cards.

Now an intercom system has several different uses for both home and business. When used in a home they can add increases in safety. With such direct control you can safely see who is allowed in through the front door without being anywhere near it. Plus this also makes it so your children cannot randomly open the door for anyone who knocks. With the controls for the door safely out of a small child’s reach this greatly reduces the chance for unwelcome visitors to enter your home.

For businesses an intercom system can be a very valuable tool. With advanced card reader equipped intercom systems you can make sure only employees and management can get in the building. This protects your business from people not there on official business. As an added bonus it also protects your customers. As several businesses deal in sensitive information this is not something you want anyone to have access to.

Lastly some homes and businesses are simply in unsafe locations. In such areas being able to keep an eye on your property and control access to it may be something unavoidable.

What To Look For In A Purchase
When purchasing a home intercom system you want to look for a few key design elements. Speakers should be easy to hear and low on feedback. Keypads should be sturdy and well made. They also should be resistant to the elements and people attempting to break them. This lasso extends to cameras, as a camera is the first thing a smart criminal will try to disable. So make sure your cameras are strong enough to take damage, have a protected lens, and can withstand bad weather as well. A camera is of no use if the vision goes out in the rain or snow can coat the lens. Lastly all outside wiring components need to be in a sturdy case that is hard to access without keys.