Uncle Andy strikes again!

Your goofy uncle is going abroad and he needs your help

Uncle Andy has had enough!

Your uncle Andy can't take the slow but steady recovery FDR is leading in America so he's flying the coop! Andy thinks that he out smarted the system and decided to move to a different nation to find work and become rich...the only problem is he doesn't realize other nations are going through changes too.

Help him out!

Each student's uncle Andy will be randomly assigned to one of the three nations talked about in todays lecture and its your job to fill him in about whats happening in that country before it's too late! Using your lecture slides and class notes write a letter to your uncle explaining exactly what is happening in the assigned nation and whether or not you think it's a good idea for him to go. Remember your uncle doesn't trust anyone as much as he trusts you so what write will directly impact his decision so be sure your facts are right!


The letter can be taken home for homework, but students must hand in at least the main argument about their assigned country they plan to make along with three bullet points of supporting evidence.