Superhero's Candyland Christmas

Where love is all around!

Cougar Headquarter's Transforms into Superhero Candyland Christmas

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Candy everywhere! Gramma Nutt lives in a peanut brittle house on the corner of Candyland Lane. She has been watching over all the Superheroes at Cougar Headquarters to determine if they have been naughty or nice. She has blogged all year about the success that the Cougars have had on Scott Mill Road. They have had to overcome many obstacles this year and several new heroes joined the team. You know Gonzalez and Rivera, and Cooke and Cano, and Daniel-Oommen and Willis, and Mora and Clepper, But do you recall the most famous Superheros of all? Thompsons' Little Cougars all come to school everyday. And if you ever see them they throw a smile your way. Then one frosty Friday eve, Campbell came to say, "Heroes with your Whippin Nae Nae, won't you show us to how sway." Then all the heroes loved it and we all danced with glee. Thompson's little heroes will go down in history. After Grandma Nutt saw the Cougar Superheroes dance in unison she reported to Santa that we were all invited to the infamous Superhero Candyland Christmas Celebration during the week of December 14-18.
Grinch and Elfvis sing Whip Nae Nae

Candyland Christmas Events

Monday, December 14

  • Join us in Cupcake Commons aka Mailroom 8:00-2:30
  • Santa has also gifted us a chair massage stop by Candy Castle aka Conference Room. Sign up on the google.doc for a spot.
  • Show your holiday spirit!

Tuesday, December 15 Toasty Tuesday

  • Santa knows how comfy jammies are so he left us a day to wear our jammies. He also knows how we like to spend time together and chat so he is opening up Candy Castle aka Conference Room during your planning for team building fun.

Wednesday, December 16

  • Superheros Unite - wear your favorite Superhero outfit. Show your holiday superhero spirit.
  • Stop by the Candy Castle for a sweet treat from Santa.

Thursday, December 17

  • Santa sometimes leaves us treats in Candyland. He would like us to stop by the Lollipop Woods aka front office to explore the woods for a treat.
  • Santa's Little Elves have been busy planning the Candyland Christmas Celebration. Join us in the cafe at 12:00 to see what the elves have been up to.

Friday, December 18

  • So sad but true we must eventually leave this magical place, stop by Peppermint Place aka Campbell's office Santa has left you a little gift.

Perkins Christmas Light Show 2015 - Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)