All About Me

By: Jamie Guma

I play softball!

I started playing teeball when I was six years young. I now play travel softball, and we go everywhere. Softball is by far my favorite sport.

I love One Direction<33

One Direction is a great band. They make great music and are sweet and caring about their fans. I will love them until the day I die.

Ice Cream!!!

I love cake batter icecream. The only place that I will get it from is Cold Stones. It will always be my favorite flavor.

I love bubbles!!!!

Bubbles are very fun to play with. They keep you occupied during the day or night. Everybody loves bubbles!

My Favorite Website!!

My favorite website is YOUTUBE!!! I go on youtube almost everyday. I love the fact that youtubers make their own videos to entertain people.

My Favorite Food..

My favorite food is macaroni & cheese. It's just so CHEESY!!! It's by far my favorite food!