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March 2014 Re-Cap


And just like that March is done! WOW! That month flew by!! I cannot even begin to believe that we are in APRIL! But its so amazing because we have so much to look forward too!! I first of all want to say THANK YOU to each and everyone of you on my team that has worked there business to there fullest has recruited ROCKstar recruits and has helped ME reach Director Status! It has been a long time coming and I am so thankful and grateful for EACH and everyone of you on my team! It has been an amazingly emotional month for me! And I am just beyond blessed!! So thank you thank you thank you! I honestly would not be where I am at today without EACH and everyONE of you!

I want to jump in and talk about a few things with you ladies!! And let you know that its ok when Life happens! Don't let it upset you! We have all had our ups and downs in life and sometimes taking a step back is what we need to figure out what it is we WANT!

Life happens!

Sometimes things don’t turn out the way we planned. Disappointments happen. Many times you do absolutely everything right and what you hoped for still doesn’t work out. Sometimes you may feel like you got a raw deal. You may feel that you were royally screwed and you are at your tipping point.

Many times the things we get upset about shouldn’t be allowed to rob us of our joy. I’m not referring about crimes committed against us; if someone attacks (or worse) you or a loved one I would think righteous indignation may be appropriate for that situation. Rather I’m referring to disappointments and frustrations that are a part of everyday life.

How you react determines your happiness!

It’s certainly acceptable and expected to feel disappointed and frustrated at times. Just don’t let it go on too long and don’t let it fester into a full blown fit of anger. Anger is toxic. Emotions are unbidden, meaning they happen to us. We don’t choose them. But what we can choose is our reactions to them.

My biggest thing is trying to keep it all into perspective!

Sometimes it helps to say aloud whatever is bugging you. You may be surprised how non-important, in the grand scheme of things, the issue you just thought was turning your world upside down suddenly becomes not that big of a deal.

Try it. Here’s an example. Let’s say you worked hard and planned diligently to attend a particular destination. Doesn’t matter if it is a family vacation, or an internship/job you wanted or if you were trying to earn an incentive trip. The specifics don’t matter. The key points are: you wanted it; you busted your tail to get there; and for reasons beyond your own control it didn’t happen.

Is your first reaction anger or disappointment? If you’re disappointed, that is understandable. But anger? Why? And what purpose does that serve? Can you change the results? Nope. You already tried and it is what it is. Do you need someone to blame? Why? Will that change anything?

Blessing in disguise

I know when you are in a fit of anger the last thing you want is someone giving you some stupid cliché about it’s a blessing in disguise and it wasn’t meant to be. But wait. Why not? Why don’t you want to consider that? Do you really LIKE to be angry? Do you really want to be pissed? Do you really want to quit? Ick. Those are ugly emotions. Why would you choose those?

Whether you believe in a Higher Power or not, perhaps you can allow for the possibility that there is a reason you were not supposed to go to that particular destination. I certainly don’t know what the reason could be; and you may never know either. But can’t that bring you a little closure to the unanticipated turn of events?

Spin It

What would happen if you said, “Oh, I am so disappointed. I am SO bummed. It sucks. I really had my heart set on going ____. It didn’t work out. And since I can’t change the results, now I am free to look forward to whatever the future hold for me.” Would that be so bad if you looked at it that way? Or would you just rather stay mad and wallow in your victim status a while longer?

Eyes Forward

I suspect most of you have driven a car before. You periodically check the rear view mirror to see what is behind you. You may do it so subconsciously you don’t even realize in a blink of an eye or less you’ve managed to be aware of what is behind you. But 99.999% of the time your eyes are where? In front of you. You’re watching the road; you’re watching the signs; you’re watching other cars; you scan from left to front to right and repeat.

What would happen if instead of periodically taking a quick scan of the rear view mirror your drove your car while staying focused on what is behind you? That’s pretty easy to predict. It won’t take any time at all before you hit something in front of you. You will have missed what was in front of you and crash into it, causing damage, sometimes permanent, irreversible damage.

If you're too busy looking behind you, you'll miss what is in front of you

Give yourself a moment to feel the disappointment of life not always going as intended. Then brush yourself off, and continue to look and move forward.

Dont forget! You are in charge of your own destiny!




HUGE HUGE HUGE welcome to you ladies and gents that have joined us!!! I say gents because we HAVE OUR very first ever HUSBAND & WIFE team members!! So exciting!!

Crystal Rodriguez ~ Sponsor Nicole Kitchen
Michele Walls ~ Sponsor Hanna LAndis
Diana Can ~ Sponsor Traci Lopez
Jennifer & Chris Saylor~Sponsor Amber Brzuchalski

*If you have recruited someone, please make sure your new recruits are on our Facebook Group page (TEAM Full of Scents). Even if they don't have a Facebook account, it would be worth it to make an account just so they could join the group! Tons of helpful information posted daily and a place where they can network as well with there team of Scentsy sisters.

HAPPY 1 year anniversary MONTH

To miss ALLIE Szalay-Brooks & Carrie De La Rosa!!
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Recognition CORNER!!!

March TOP 5 PRV!!!!

Sales over $2,000 ((5% BONUS on that check!!))

*****Amber Brzuchalski $3,306.64******

Sales over $1,000
1. Blanca Lincon $1,677.32
2. Jacey Garza $1092.00
3. Melody Records $1002.65

Sales over $500

1. Allie Szalay Brooks $812.20
2. Regina Stewart $739.30
3. Earleen Jalomos $693.00
4. Traci Lopez $681.60
5. Yesenia Florez $628.95
6. Jessica Hamilton $614.14
7. Karlee Pangis $609.30
8. Maria De La Rosa $536.50

Sales over $150

1. Shireen Yara $294.25
2. Morgan Carson $284.10
3. Krystal Salgado $272.80
4. Alicia Paredes $234.00
4. Janelle DeClair $209.15
5. Yvette Spencer $205.00
6. Anita McGahan $190.00
7. Kristel Ramon $185.00
8. Crystal Rodriguez $173.90
9. Brandelyn Nelson $172.00
9. Erica Longoria $160.00
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WHO is ready to rock this challenge?

Hey Everyone!! So i wanted to get out the April Challenge a bit early and get you excited for what is in store within this challenge!!

Lets blow MARCH out of the waters with this awesome challenge!! Who is with me?!


April 2014 Challenges

--$500 in PRV by April 15th: EARN One (1) Thermal Scentsy Tote for your Party-to-go!

--$1000 in PRV by April 31st EARN some BLING for your FINGER!!!

--For each new TEAM Member you recruit you will EARN a $10 VISA gift card! That's right so each recruit will equal $10 on a VISA gift card!


Are you subscribed to the SOTM/WOTM? If not you should be not only is it an amazing way to add to your INVENTORY but you receive PRV from this!! AMAZING!! YOU NOT ONLY Get PRV for Free every month but you build your INVENTORY! You can subscribe for the WOTM / SOTM in your workstation under ACCOUNT!
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Backorder and Partial Shipments

We consistently aim to get products out to our Consultants and customers as quickly as possible; however, some orders will be sent as a partial shipment including only the items that are currently in stock.

Any items that are not immediately available to ship from our distribution centers will then be sent in a separate shipment, at no additional cost to the Consultant or customer, as soon as that product becomes available to ship. If any items are missing from an order received, and those items are not listed below, those items are most likely on their way to the customer or Consultant.

If more than 10 business days have passed since an item has been missing from a shipment, please contact Consultant Support to track the status of the order.

Scentsy Fragrance

Beach Scent Circle 3/31/2014

Camu Camu Scent Circle 3/31/2014

Clean Breeze Scent Circle 3/31/2014

Enchanted Mist Scent Circle 3/31/2014

Havana Cabana Scent Circle 3/31/2014

Lucky in Love Scent Circle 3/31/2014

Luna Scent Circle 3/31/2014

Love Story Layers Bath Tablet 4/1/2014

Roosevelt the Rabbit Scentsy Buddy 4/7/2014

Thank You Gallery Frame 4/7/2014

Just Breathe Scent Pak 4/15/2014

Sweet Pea & Vanilla Scent Pak 4/15/2014

Simply Vanilla Scent Pak 4/15/2014

French Lavender Scent Pak 4/30/2014

Happy Birthday Scent Pak 4/30/2014

Luna Scent Pak 4/30/2014

Newborn Nursery Scent Pak 4/30/2014

Ocean Scent Pak 4/30/2014


Tuesday, April 1st, 6pm

This is an online event.

EVERY TUESDAY this month and EVERY MONTH! I want to see YOU all of you on our team call with our Director Jill McCarthy! This is always a fun night and super uplifting! Not to mention packed FULL of information and different ideas! So lets see if we can make it a record this month and HAVE EVERYONE commit to getting on the call EVERY TUESDAY at //9pm EST // 6pm PST // 8pm CST

THE COOL part about this call is you can download an APP called Spreecast and watch it from your smart phone! If you don't have a smartphone don't worry just login to your computer and click on the link that I will post on our Team Page every Tuesday!

My Availability to you!

I have made a commitment to make business hours for my business and my family!

MON-FRI 9am-4pm
SATURDAY 11am-5pm
SUNDAY OFF Completely

As for my amazing team of ladies y'all can contact me during my normal hours and or shoot me an email, text, private message voice-mail on Sunday and I will answer it on Monday I hope y'all understand. NOT to mention we have a team 28 girls who are all here to answer questions even if something does come up on Sunday (when I'm not available) Thank you for understanding!