Staff Weekly Bulletin

~Week 17~Jan. 4-8~


January Assessments

2nd - 5th Grade

SRI Testing - during library

(December scores will suffice for this requirement)

3rd - 5th Grade

SMI Testing - during library



K- EDI opens-TBD

(If you assessed your students prior to report cards, you will not be required to retest the students).

EDL/DRA Class Profile Doc

Dear Teachers,

As we embark in this new assessment cycle, you are required to use the following document to document your students' EDL/DRA scores, please click on this link to take you to the document. More information will be provided on 1/6/16 PD.

Running Records & Student Progress Monitoring - Memo

Staff, please click on this link to read the new expectations for running records and student progress monitoring.

ILT & SSC will have the opportunity to review this and provide input but most of these expectations are to be implemented effective January 2016.

For January Testing window:

  • 10 thorough DRA/EDL per class

    • Students should be below grade level in their first language, or more than 1 year behind in their second language.

    • Fill out the class profile for these 20 students

  • For the rest of the class, you can find their reading level in one of these two ways:

    • DRA/EDL

    • A running record on an unknown book that you will use in your reading groups.

      • If you already did this in preparation for conferences, you can use the scores that you got at that time.

  • Release Days

    • Each teacher will be provided 1 full release day to complete testing.

    • Some testing will need to be completed during class time.

  • Deliverables by January 22nd

    • A list of current reading levels for all students in both classes

    • A class profile spreadsheet including:

      • 10 students from each class

      • physical copies of the forms used for testing

      • paper or online versions acceptable

Upcoming Dates:

  • January 6th

    • PD- DRA/Running Record Calibration

      • You will receive the Class profile, and we will do some calibration activities school wide.

  • January 4-22nd

    • Release days

  • January 22nd

    • DRA/EDL window closes

  • January 27th

    • PD time for entering scores into illuminate

  • January 29th

    • Buy Back day

      • Class profile must be complete before this day

Thank you,


~Memo - PD Changes & Focus~


Please click on this link to see a memo providing you the rationale of the restructuring of our PD calendar. The ILT and SSC will also have the opportunity to provide input on some of the changes, but I felt it necessary to regain our PD calendar after such unstable directives from OUSD leadership.


~Safe & Welcoming Environment~

Character Development


Month-long Focus: Honesty

Learning Target: I can be honest about my actions and can solve problems honestly.

Gogurt Parties this Friday!

Gogurt Parties will be awarded to the following classes:

The class with the BEST attendance in November and December...Nunez!

...and the Golden Spatula for the months of November and December goes to….

Homeroom of …………Zucker

and homeroom of …………Tapia

Golden Baton winners for November and December goes to...Goodie & Parchia

Attendance is improving!

We had a total of 196 students with perfect attendance for November & December.

We recognize that it's a large number of students so we will be giving them a Perfect Attendance Ribbon. They will be placed in your box to for you to distribute them; we are happy to go to your classroom to pass them out!

Reteaching Classroom Expectations

It is extremely important that you take the time to build community and reteach/review classroom expectations. These two weeks without school structures can potentially sabotage your classroom routines.

If you invest some time to review your classroom rules and school expectations, your students will be set for success.

Some reminders:

  • uniforms are worn every day (except Fridays)
  • we line up at 8:25 AM in the big yard
  • Kinder playground is off limits between 8:00-8:30 AM
  • TK-1st graders have a buddy for restroom/office
  • 2-5th graders - 1 pass per student, 1 student out of class at a time
  • large play ground restrooms belong to MCS, use the new portable restrooms (if applicable)
  • Use "I message" to resolve conflicts
  • 3 put-ups for 1 put-down
  • Any type of toy stay at home
  • We are a healthy school so ONLY healthy snacks
  • We walk on the portable walk-way
  • caps are NOT to be worn in class

Community Assembly/Crew

Community Assembly: GROUP B

Queznel & Vidal

Goodie & Parchia
Brown & Tapia

Ferrus-Garcia & Garcia-Pena

Hudson & Davis


Udovic & Cato
Saleski & Nunez
Pastrana & Perrone


Gudiol & Zucker



Spanish Language Arts Resources

Greetings Crew!

Here are some fun and useful resources to make SLA instruction more meaningful and engaging for our students. All these resources are CCSS aligned and mostly benefit 3rd through 5th grade.

You will find:

  • Story elements posters & interactive notebook resources
  • figurative language resources
  • tools to expand on your literacy centers
  • informational text resources
  • graphic organizers for informational text
  • interactive notebook for figurative language
  • interactive notebook for story elements
  • figurative language posters
  • graphic organizers for voc development

...and many more.


Winter Break Reading Challenge

Please submit the reading challenge docs to Mr. Todd. We ask that ensure that students write their name on their document.

COST Referrals...

Here is the link to submit a COST referral: Coordination of Services Referral - click here!



OEA/OUSD non-approved personal days

A gentle reminder, personal days are not allowed the day before/after a holiday.

January 4th

If you are calling in sick, please submit a doctor's note upon return to work.

Field Trip Monies

Attention Grade Leads,

Please communicate to Nancy by no later than January 28th if you will be using the full amount of the allocations for field trip. If by this date you have not informed her, we will be moving these monies to other school related needs.

Monies for Classroom Libraries

Here is my draft

Each teacher will receive 500 to order leveled books for your library. We encourage you to order high interest books for the levels where your library is not as complete, or leveled books to coordinate with your expeditions. Please fill a shopping cart at

Need more books for your classroom library, here are community resources:

Thank you,



Monday, January 4th

No school related events.

Beatrice to conduct informal short observations for all teaching staff.

Tuesday, January 5th

Sub-Release time for EDL/DRA testing

Click on this link to view the sub release schedule, if you have not signed up-please do so immediately.

Beatrice to conduct informal short observations for all teaching staff.

3-4 PM

PBIS Committee Meeting

Wednesday, January 6th

Sub-Release time for EDL/DRA testing

Click on this link to view the sub release schedule, if you have not signed up-please do so immediately.

Beatrice to conduct informal short observations for all teaching staff.

1:45-2:45 PM

Wednesday PD - Reading & Running Records

Location: P5

2:45-3:30 PM

Grade level collaboration, please submit grade level notes via Google docs.

Beatrice w/4th grade for grade level collaboration

Supply requests due to Todd.

Thursday, January 7th

Sub-Release time for EDL/DRA testing

Click on this link to view the sub release schedule, if you have not signed up-please do so immediately.

8 AM - 4 PM

Beatrice @ All-Day Principal PD

Admin Designee: Morelia Rivas

3-5 PM

Culture & Climate Committee Meeting

Friday, January 8th

Sub-Release time for EDL/DRA testing

Click on this link to view the sub release schedule, if you have not signed up-please do so immediately.

Beatrice to conduct informal short observations for all teaching staff.

8-8:30 AM

4th grade parent meeting

Location: P7

3-5 PM
ILT Meeting

Location: Office


1. Learning Targets & Learning Walks (ILT & SSC)

2. 16-17 SY Projections

3. New PD changes & input

4. TGDS/OETF peer observations

5. Blended Learning & Tech PDs

6. January Buy-Back Day

7. Content Leads - Report Out

8. Continuous Improvement Guide & Accountability Measures


Running Team Site!

I created a new site for our running team to help raise money to Grow the Music Program at Manzanita SEED Elementary School! benefiting LOS AMIGOS DE MANZANITA SEED.

Simply go to the page below and click the big FUNDRAISE FOR THIS CAMPAIGN button and you'll instantly have your own fundraising page as a part of our Team.

Please let me know if you won't be taking part in the running festival this time around.
Thanks so much.

Sam Davis

What's coming up?

January 13

PD: PBIS T1-T3 Intervention
Beatrice @ 5-Collaboration, Grade level notes due
C&C Committee Mtg

January 20

1:45-3:30 No PD - Time to enter EDL/DRA scores

January 27

1:45-2:45 EDL/DRA PLC through grade level collaboration

2:45-3:30 Expo Prep

Beatrice @ 1st grade - Collaboration


Tech Corner - Check it out!

School Website!

Thanks to Priscilla and Carl, we have a website. Check it out!