Children & Nutrients

What Nutrients Does A Child Need?

Nutritional Needs During The Childhood Stage

  1. During the early stages of childhood, for children to develop in a positive manner they need to intake good nutrients. If the children do not intake some of these nutrients the child could face a future filled with problems.
  2. If children can follow some of the healthy guide lines they can form good habits that would last them a life time. Carbohydrates provide plenty of energy for their growing bodies.
  3. Proteins builds and also helps maintain the body tissue. During the early stages children may grow a large appetite due to the fact they may be facing a growing period. Eating about three to four servings of protein enriched food may help with that large appetite.
  4. Meat, fish, and poultry are great sources to deal with that heavy diet. When the growing period has dropped children, the can commence to begin eating about two too three servings.
  5. Children also need to intake certain amount of vitamins. Vitamin A and C are found in many fruits and vegetables , oranges are right in vitamin C and mangos are found to be rich in vitamin A. These are some of the leading factors young children can use to grow

Nutritional Issues & Concerns That May Appear In This Stage Are:

  1. Nutritional concerns at this early stage in childhood are changing now more so than ever. One of the leading causes is obesity . Children at such a early stage are facing many medical issues such as diabetes .
  2. With these concerns, it's not entirely the child's fault. It's the food they are taking in from their parents. There parents may have a lack of understanding as to what they are eating as well as feeding there children.
  3. Since children are facing over-consumption it's is setting them up for early death.
  4. They will be facing heart problems even potentially going blind. At such a young age children are faced with these concerns for there food choices are terrible. They are not eating from the right food groups.

Impact's On Food Choices & Health Factors Under The Headings Of:

Social influences

Social influences on food involve the eating behavior or patterns that one or more people influence another either direct or indirect. Even when eating alone, food choice is influenced by social factors because attitudes and habits develop through the interaction with others

Often times people tend to eat healthier and eat less quantities food when they are with friends and family than they do when there alone.

Economic factors

The relationship between low-economic status and poor health is almost always influenced by gender, age, culture, environment, social and community networks, individual lifestyle factors and health behaviors there are always clear differences in social classes with regard to food and nutrient intakes. Low-income economy's in particular, are more likely to consume unbalanced diets and have low intakes of proper nutrients.This leads to both under-nutrition (micro nutrients deficiency) and over-nutrition (energy over-consumption resulting in overweight and obesity)

Psychological factors

Stress and mood are both psychological factors that affect food choice.mood can trigger changes in children behavior making them eat more or less or not eating all.

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Nutritious Dinner Meals For A Child

Meal Plan 1

• Stir fried chicken

• Mixed vegetables

• Fruit Salad

• White/Brown rice

• Baguette(sliced)

• Glass of Milk

Meal plan 2

Coslaw,Roasted chicken,Roasted potato,Mixed vegetables,Bread & Milk.

Meal Plan 3

Tomato Soup,Breaded chicken,Breast fillets,Rice,Vegetables,Bread & Orange Juice.


The Nutritional Suitablity Of This Meal

  1. Children according to Canada's food guide need depending on the age 4-6 servings of vegetables a day, 3-6 servings of grain products a day , 2-4 servings of milk and alternatives and 1-2 servings of meat and alternatives every day.
  2. The meal plan are group has prepared includes the following stir fried chicken this fulfills the requirement of meat and alternatives providing protein which aids in the growth and repair of new cells which is a necessity for children’s growth.
  3. The rice and the baguette match the need for grain products aiding a child’s digestion and improving overall health.
  4. Mixed vegetables and salad add to the need for the fruit and vegetables requirement these are need to provide energy for children, which is really important since children are very active. Fruit and vegetables also aid in the overall health for children because less calories are consumed, helping them feel fuller for longer as well.
  5. The milk which is also a requirement milk is need because it contains calcium and this is essential for strong bones and teeth, not only that but milk also contains a lot of protein too.

Musical Performance

Song/Peom Lyrics

Like the budding of the flowers

Like the foundation of a house

Equally a childhood is important to us

A time filled with love laughter, love and observation

can make great change or destroy a nation

If the best is put in the best will come out

So feed well children's minds and their mouths

Growth and rapid advancement

Require the best and most useful nutrients

The start can determine the finish

So always replenish, what is extinguished.

Strong structure, needs calcium

Carbohydrates give energy to grow

Like a car needs gas

Little bodies need fuel to go.