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September 24, 2015

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Safety & Security

Murphy Community:

The safety and welfare of our students and staff are our highest priority at Murphy Middle School. We practice safety drills throughout the year to help our students know how to respond in an emergency. Thus far, we have conducted the following pre-scheduled drills: lockdown, lockout, reverse evacuation, severe weather, and fire. Additional drills will include a fire drill each month, an unannounced lockdown drill, an additional severe weather drill, and an evacuation drill. In an “unannounced” lockdown drill, someone from PISD’s safety and security department will visit our campus to give administration the directive to conduct the drill. We will announce over the intercom that the lockdown will be a drill; the only difference is that the campus will not know the specific date of the drill.

These practice drills allow us to evaluate our emergency operation plans and improve our response skills. We wanted to make sure that you have some information about the various types of drills we conduct on campus and an understanding that some drills are pre-scheduled and some are not. In the case of an emergency or an unexpected problem at the school resulting in a disruption of the school day, you will be notified either by MMS or Plano ISD’s central office.


Dr. Brant Perry, Principal

Murphy Middle School Events - September & October

Fall Picture Day - Wednesday, September 30 (Pricing Flier Linked to eNews email)

Report Cards Come Home - Wednesday, October 7

Parent/Teacher Conference Day - Monday, October 12. NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS! Contact your child's teacher or counselor if you would like to schedule a conference.

CogAT Testing for 7th Grade - Wednesday, October 14

Choir Fall Concert - Thursday, October 15 at 6:00 in the MMS Cafeteria

Career Day - Friday, October 16. Contact Sylvia Lansing to volunteer! 469-752-7016

SOCIAL - sponsored by our PTA - Friday, October 16 from 6:30 - 9:00 in the MMS Cafeteria & Gym.

Tailgate Party sponsored by Student Council - Tuesday, October 27 from 3:30 - 5:30 in the MMS Cafeteria & Patio Area

Red Ribbon Week Begins - Monday, October 26

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Athletic Events - September & October

Admission cost for athletic events is $2 for students and $4 for adults. Please help out our ticket takers by bringing small bills.

7th Grade Volleyball (6:00 & 6:45 unless otherwise noted)

Thursday, 9/24 vs. Renner at Renner

Thursday, 10/1 vs. Schimelpfenig at Murphy

Thursday, 10/8 vs. Haggard at Murphy

Thursday, 10/15 vs. Bowman at Bowman

Thurs., 10/22, Fri., 10/23, & Sat., 10/24 - "B" Team Tournament - Time & Location TBD

Monday, 10/26 vs. Robinson - "A" Team Only - 6:00 at Murphy

Thurs., 10/29, Fri., 10/30, Sat., 10/31 - "A" Team Tournament - Time & Location TBD

8th Grade Volleyball (6:00 & 6:45 unless otherwise noted)

Monday, 9/28 vs. Schimelpfenig at Schimelpfenig

Monday, 10/5 vs. Haggard at Haggard

Tuesday, 10/13 vs. Bowman at Murphy

Thurs., 10/22, Fri., 10/23, & Sat., 1024 - "B" Team Tournament - Time & Location TBD

Monday, 10/26 vs. Robinson - "A" Team Only - 6:45 at Murphy

Thurs., 10/29, Fri., 10/30, Sat., 10/31 - "A" Team Tournament - Time & Location TBD

7th Grade Football (5:30 & 7:00 unless otherwise noted)

Monday, 9/28 vs. Schimelpfenig at Clark West

Monday, 10/5 vs. Frankford at Kimbrough

Tuesday, 10/13 vs. Bowman at Clark East

Monday, 10/19 vs. Haggard at Clark West

Monday, 10/26 vs. Otto at Kimbrough

8th Grade Football (5:30 & 7:00 unless otherwise noted)

Tuesday, 9/28 vs. Schimelpfenig at Clark West

Wednesday, 10/7 vs. Frankford at Kimbrough

Wednesday, 10/14 vs. Bowman at Clark East

Tuesday, 10/20 vs. Haggard at Clark West

Tuesday, 10/27 vs. Otto at Kimbrough

Behavior Expectations of Spectators - University Interscholastic League

Remember that you are at the contest to support and yell for your team, and to enjoy the skill and competition not to intimidate or ridicule the other team or its fans.

Remember that school athletics are a learning experience for students and that mistakes are sometimes made. Praise student-athletes in their attempt to improve themselves as students, as athletes, and as people, just as you would praise a student working in the classroom.

A ticket is a privilege to observe the contest, not a license to verbally assault others or be generally obnoxious.

Learn the rules of the game, so that you may understand and appreciate why certain situations take place.

Show respect for the opposing players, coaches, spectators and support groups.

Respect the integrity and judgment of game officials. Understand that they are doing their best to help promote the student-athlete, and admire their willingness to participate in full view of the public.

Recognize and show appreciation for an outstanding play by either team.

Refrain from the use of any controlled substances (alcohol, drugs, etc.) before, during, and after the game on or near the site of the event (i.e. tailgating).

Use only cheers that support and uplift the teams involved.

Be a positive role model at events through your own actions and by censuring those around you whose behavior is unbecoming.

Parents and spectators should be aware that the school can (and should) remove them from the premises and can prohibit them from attending future contests due to undesirable behaviors.

Game officials can ask that school administrators have unruly fans removed from a contest facility.

There is no such thing as a “right” to attend interscholastic athletics. Interscholastic athletics are considered a “privilege” and the spectator who avails themselves of it is expected to conduct himself or herself accordingly.

Keep in mind that you are a guest of the school, and that while winning is certainly an admirable goal, it is hollow if it comes at the expense of morals, ethics, and just plain common sense.

The school is responsible for the behavior of their spectators. The school district can be and will be punished for actions of patrons in violation of UIL standards and rules.

7th and 8th Grade Murphy Science Fair and Engineering Fair

Mark your calendar! December 3rd, 2015 is the Annual Murphy Middle School 7th and 8th grade Science Fair and Engineering Fair in the MMS Library from 8:30-1:30pm (judges only).

Should you like to assist with judging, please email with your science background and your preferred area of judging. Thank you!

Should you like to enlist your shopping or cooking skills, the Judge’s Corner will be needing refreshments such as bottled water, coke, diet coke, sprite, cookies, snack mixes, fruit, breakfast muffins, coffee, coffee cups, etc. Please email Mrs. Jones if you are willing to donate items for the Judge’s Corner.

Homework Hot Spot

Murphy’s Homework Hot Spot kicked off on Tuesday, September 22. We created this area because we want students to have a teacher supervised area where they have teacher assistance, peer assistance (provided by a combination of McMillen and Murphy NJHS students), or simply a quiet place to finish up homework before their day begins.

The Homework Hot Spot (HHS) is available every Tuesday and Wednesday morning from 7:50 – 8:20 in D- 111. Because we want this area to be structured and organized, we will be limiting the number of peer tutors – as well as the number of students coming in for assistance. We anticipate the ability to house about 10 tutors and 30-35 students for the HHS. We want our parents to know that this service is about to come on line. The HHS is not a replacement for teacher-led, subject-specific tutorials, but it is another way for students to ensure their success. Please encourage your child to utilize this additional layer of academic support whenever they’re feeling stressed or unsure.

If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Feil at or Jill Engelking at or 469-752-7011.

MMS Environmental Club News

Thanks to Julia Farmer from the Texas Wildlife Association for speaking to the group about water conservation last Friday. We demonstrated the effects of water run-off with a fun hands-on activity. The next meeting will be Friday, October 2nd from 3:30-4:30 in Mrs. Pilgrim’s room (E113). We will be working outside so come dressed for it (long pants/tennis shoes). All students grades 6 - 8 are welcome to attend. We will also discuss the upcoming City of Murphy Recycling Event on Saturday, October 10th at City Hall from 7am-10am. The Recycling Event will accept small electronics such as: old, even broken cell phones, iPads, laptops, ink cartridges, and tablets. Clothing, shoes, backpacks, jackets, even pots and pans will be collected for the World Wear Project. The MMS Environmental Club members will help with the recycling event as people drive through and drop off these items.


Murphy MATHCOUNTS Math Club will begin regular meetings after school, September 15, 2015. We will meet every Tuesday after school from 3:35 – 4:30 in J105. More information about MATHCOUNTS National Math Club and its competition can be found on the website:

The Murphy Theatre Department Website Is Up and Running!

If you have any questions about callbacks, rehearsals, performances, etc., please check the website for more information.

Theatre Website:

Speech & Debate Website:

Fine Arts Fundraisers

Our Band, Choir, Orchestra, and Theater-Speech departments are currently conducting their annual fundraisers. Funds acquired during this endeavor are used for the duration of the year to purchase performance pieces, to hire clinicians to work with the students, to lower expenses for families, to lower prices for social events, to pay for buses to transport students to competitions and social events, to buy supplies for the departments, to scholarship students in need of monetary help, to reward students, to pay entry fees for competitions, and much, much more!

Band students are offering magazine subscriptions at various costs, money paid upon receipt. Delivery can be expected in December. Please go to using school code “436436” to order!

Choir students are selling pre-portioned cookie dough and thaw-and-serve items from Cash Cow Fundraising for $17 each (delivered to Murphy Middle School on October 29). You can also purchase many other food and non-food items online at using seller ID “30760”.

Orchestra students have cookie dough and other food items from Great American (also delivered October 29). Please go to using school code “436451” to order!

The Theatre Department is selling shirts for their musical, Captain Bree and Her Lady Pirates, with the musical logo on the front and the cast names on the back. Each shirt is $15. The performances are November 5th and 6Th at 7pm in the cafeteria. Tickets are $7 each. The Speech & Debate competition team is also selling t-shirts that are $15 each. (graphic below)

All organizations are more than happy to accept donations in any amount. Every little bit helps! Thank you for supporting the Arts at Murphy Middle School!

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Google Classroom

If your child's teacher has set up a Google Classroom, you will need to speak to your child about logging on.

Only PISD email addresses can access Google Classroom, so to utilize this resource you will need to use your child's email address ( and their regular PISD network password.

Pink Out Game - October 9 - T-Shirt Order Deadline Is Today!

At the October 9th football game, Plano East vs Plano Senior, Plano East will be honoring breast cancer survivors, fighters, and those we have lost by wearing Pink. The Plano East Cheerleaders are selling Pink Out shirts showing Eastside “United For the Fight” to support, and fight, for this cause.

All proceeds from the sale of the shirts will be going to the Rapunzel Project. Numerous men and women who go through chemotherapy lose their hair in the process. The Rapunzel project promotes Cold Cap therapy. Cold cap therapy, or modern day scalp cooling, involves the use of a special cap or set of caps, cooled to very cold temperatures, and worn for a period of hours before, during and after each chemotherapy treatment. The cold temperature constricts the blood vessels leading to the hair follicles, reducing the amount of chemo drugs that reach the follicles during the period that the caps are worn, thus preserving the patient’s hair. Their goal is to raise awareness of the existence and efficacy of cold caps and use donations to purchase biomedical freezers (used to store cold caps at medical facilities) and further support cold cap use. Our goal is to raise enough funds for the Rapunzel Project to be able to purchase a new freezer.

For more information on the Rapunzel Project, please go to

The shirts feature an outline of the state of Texas which is made up of all the names of the schools on the Eastside. The cost of the shirts are $15 for sizes Youth S – Youth L, Adult S – Adult XL, $17 for XXL, and $18 for XXXL

Please send the order form (linked to the eNews email), and pre-payment (we are only taking pre-orders), by TODAY, Thursday, September 24th. Forms and payments should be mailed to:

Plano East Senior High

3000 Los Rios Blvd

Plano, TX 75074

Attn: Summer Simmons

No orders will be made without pre-payment.

Pink Out T-Shirt Order Form linked to eNews eMail

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Plano East Cheer Camp - Registration Form linked to eNews eMail

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Want To Learn Or Perfect English?

Plano ISD's Family Education & Guidance Services is offering a FREE program to help adults (18 or older) learn or perfect their English skills.

Registration and testing is required and started on September 14.

There are several scheduling options; please see the flier linked to the eNews email for further information. You may also contact 469-752-2278 or email

Looking for Plano East Spirit Wear?

Visit the Golden Girls online spirit store for all your East spirit wear needs, open 24/7!

Craft Fair benefitting PSHS Choir

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Math Olympiad at UTD for Students in Grades 3 Through 11

Dear Teacher/Parent

Annual MEANT MATH OLYMPIAD in partnership with UTD will be held on Oct 3rd, 2015 at University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson. Math Olympiad is a competition in mathematics to encourage young America to learn Mathematics and Engineering and promote math skills among students. Any student currently enrolled in Grade 3 through 11 can participate in the event.

Registration can be done at

Flyer is given below for more information.

Registration fee will be waived for deserving (financially needy) students. If the student cannot afford to pay the $10 entry fee, please print the entry form, have it signed by the classroom teacher or principal and send it to

Please contact if you have any questions.

Thank You
Math Olympiad Committee
Meant Inc.
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PTA News & Updates

Important Dates:

September 28 - PTA Fall Officer & Chair Training - 9:30 - 2:00

September 29 - PDQ Spirit Night

September 30 - Fall Picture Day

October 16 - SAVE THE DATE for the First Social of the Year! (6:30 - 9:00 in the MMS Cafeteria & Gyms)

Important Information - Please Read

We are requesting that every MMS family enter their information into Membership Toolkit via the website so we can communicate important school news throughout the school year. We are going paperless and this is your way to stay connected with things going on at MMS. Creating a log-in does not automatically sign you up for PTA Membership nor does it mean you will be required to volunteer. (To log in or sign up, click on the "click here to get started" button at


Reason #1: Just by becoming a member and paying your $12 per adult you are making a difference even if you aren’t able to volunteer at all. Please know just paying for a membership is important! Your membership dues provide the money for PTA to contribute to teacher training and grants, provide programs to educate parents and children, celebrate teachers and staff all year long, and much more

Reason #2: Your child benefits. When parents get connected to the school, children get better grades, do better on tests, and have fewer discipline problems. When you build a relationship with your child’s teachers, principal, and office staff, it will be far easier to communicate about any problem (or victory) that occurs throughout the year.

Reason #3: You'll tap into a network. PTA functions are opportunities to meet other parents and teachers, to build rapport and discuss issues that are on your mind. You can share ideas, concerns, and experiences to make the school year better for everyone.

Reason #4: You can be part of the solution. By getting involved at your child’s school you can help make positive changes. Local PTAs play an important role in fundraising to provide building improvements, curriculum-based programs, and social events.

Reason #5: You can meet other parents. The common bond all parents of school-aged children share is that we care about creating the best possible educational experience for our kids. We are neighbors and peers and as a result, many friendships are forged via this connection.

Reason #6: Your child will feel a sense of pride. Being part of the local PTA will, in most cases, make your kids proud of you. They may not admit it (they may even grumble), but they will feel proud that their parents are involved in improving their school's well-being.

Reason #7: Your voice can be heard. PTA can be a way for you to more effectively effect change at your child’s school.

Reason #8: You can share your skills. Your child will beam for weeks after his parent comes to school and shares his career, hobby, or even just their time helping out at the school book fair. Stay-at-home parents as well as working parents all have individual talents they can share.

Reason #9: You can show that you care. By becoming a PTA member, you’re also becoming a role model and demonstrating to your child the importance you place on education as well as on being involved in their world.

Reason #10: You will be in the know. The PTA knows what’s happening with the school, who's involved, and usually plans many of the events.

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Big image & Social Media

Make sure you check our website regularly for the latest information! Visit or use the QR code on the right to get started!

Joint PTA! PTA at MMS works to benefit all students, teachers and parents and your PTA Membership makes many of our activities and events possible. The cost for membership is just $12 per adult and provides the ability for PTA to contribute to teacher training and grants, provide programs to educate parents and children, celebrate teachers and staff all year long, and much more! (You are not required to volunteer if you join PTA) Please join us as we Back the Future!

We Love Our Murphy Middle Volunteers!

The library is signing up volunteers now. Please check for more opportunities!

PLEASE DON’T FORGET to become an approved PISD Volunteer. All Plano ISD Volunteers must apply and be approved by PISD in order to volunteer on campus. Applications must be submitted after July 1st of every year. Please be sure to mark your campus(es) of choice by selecting the schools where you plan to volunteer. This very short application process is online only at . We look forward to seeing you in our hallways this year!

Want To Earn Extra Money For PTA?

  • Please don’t forget to turn in your Box Tops to the front office. We know you have been saving all summer!
  • If you have a Target Red Card please take the time to link your card to MMS. It is free money for the school!!!!!

  • Link Your Kroger Card Every Year

    Do you shop at Kroger? Did you know as you shop you can help the Murphy Middle School PTA? Link your card at You must link your card every year, starting August 1st, to support the organization of your choice.

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Restaurant Spirit Night!

Tuesday, September 29th - show your school spirit by eating at PDQ!

Check for upcoming spirit nights.

Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear pre-ordered by September 1st was delivered Monday September 21st during lunches. If your student didn't bring it home, you might want to ask them where it is.....

LAST CHANCE TO BUY SPIRIT WEAR FOR THE FALL/WINTER is October 6th and 7th at Kimbrough Stadium before the 7th and 8th grade football games. We have lots of hoodies for those fall and winter sporting events!

PTA Sponsors!

Please remember our generous sponsors when shopping for services or supplies!!

Platinum Level Sponsor

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Gold Level Sponsors

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Silver Level Sponsors

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Bronze Level Sponsors

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