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What's Happening at Edusmart?

After a busy fall conference season we are happy to announce to you some new projects underway along with some ideas about how we can continue to serve you. See below for more details and exciting news...

Edusmart Math for Elementary

We are excited to announce that development has begun for an Elementary Math product. We are hosting focus groups and gathering input on our first topic now and making plans for full development of grades 3 through 5 Math. Stay tuned for information soon and how current science subscribers may be able to gain early access. Click Here to request more information as it becomes available.

Edusmart Math for Middle School

Edusmart's middle school math solution is designed to complement the tools and resources currently in math classrooms. Our rich digital content supports teachers in providing specific content instruction to students in ways that engage and meet students' varied learning styles. Content topic instruction is then paired with interactive online resources and printable materials to enhance hands-on learning and build conceptual understanding. Math in the Real World career videos coupled with connected classroom activities further engage students in learning about how studied math topics are used everywhere in our modern society.

Recently we have been working on our 6-8 Math program to create a product specific to the needs of the Math Intervention classroom. This product will provide teachers with all the foundation content that builds prior knowledge for students coupled with grade level content all in one easy to find place to make differentiating for the needs of students even easier than ever!

Edusmart Science K-8 and Biology

Edusmart Science has served close to 2000 schools as the premier science content resource for the past eight years. We have been working to make our great Science product even better with large screen views and by separating video topics into mini-IM's to make planning and delivery of instruction more streamlined for Science teachers.

And did you know that all of our K-5 science instruction is also available in Spanish?!


Did you know Edusmart has a solution for STAAR Science? Our STAAR Smart bank is designed specifically for assessment of the tested and critical foundation science content in grades 5 and 8 and provides you with a way to assess student understanding of the TEKS in science in multiple ways. Both grade level banks contain assessment items covering the TEKS for the tested grade level, as well as the foundation and supporting content from the two grade levels directly below. The questions in our STAAR Smart bank are labeled for you with the depth of knowledge and are all completely searchable by standard. All items are also fully editable allowing for complete customization of your assessments at the local level.