The difference between boys and girls

girls vs boys

-Girls are almost twice as likely as boys to be victims and predators

-Girls are likely to tell an adult if they're being cyber bullied

-Boys are more likely to post hurtful pictures or videos

-Boys do more face to face bullying than cyber bullying

-Girls are more likely to spread rumors

-Internet bullies are more likely than traditional bullies to be girls

-Boys are unwilling to tell an adult

-Girls try to tear down the appearance of other girls

-Envy is the main reason a girl cyberbullies

-Boys are more accepting of bullying

3 things to protect yourself from being cyberbullied

-Use privacy settings

-Never tell anyone your password

-Don't cyberbully other people

3 ways to respond if you are being cyberbullied

-Don't reply

-Tell an adult

-Block them

How to report a cyberbully on instagram

-Go to their profile

-Click the 3 dots in the right corner of the screen

-There will be a button that says report

Consequences of cyberbullying

-Expelled from school

-Civil lawsuits

-Criminal charges

Phoebe Prince

She moved to Massachusetts from Ireland. She got the attention of the "mean girls" by dating a popular senior football player at the beginning of her freshman year. She was harassed, threatened, and had things thrown at her. After she couldn't take it anymore she hung herself.
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