Life of Beto

A 16 year old kid from Colombia

Beto is 16 years old and lives in Colombia. He specifically lives in the poor community of La Libertad, in the city of Medellin. Beto has a rough family life. His mother is an alcoholic, and his father abandonned the family. His older brother Fredy died from drug addiction, and his sister Milena and himself are mistreaded by their elders. Also, their mother brought in a crazy boy off the streets, named German, who brutally beats the children.

In La Libertad, where Beto lives, it is very poor and dangerous. Everywhere he goes, there is crime and many ruthless gangs. People are lucky to have very little possesions in this city. Everywhere he looks there are people living homelessly in the streets begging for there next meal. Beto's everyday life is influenced by having no supportive family and an alcoholic mother. He learned a lot from these painful experiences. They have encouraged him to help kids in similar situations.

Life for Beto is hard because of all the threats he has in his life. His mother and brother beat him at unexpected times for no reason. Plus, they are threatened by the local gangs that have no feelings towards the harmless people in the community. Beto decided to fight for peace because he wanted to make a difference for kids who had been abused of their rights. He peacefully fought for the rights of children.

We were very impressed by Beto's courage. Through all of the obstacle's that Beto had to go through, such as being beaten by his family, he achieved his ultimate goal. That goal was to help make children's rights in Colombia better. If I had to ask Beto a question, I would ask him, "Why did you not tell anyone that German was beating you?" My guess is that Beto would say he was too scared to tell anybody.
Aloholic mother
This picture epresents Beto's ALcoholic mother and the effects drinking has on you.