Down Syndrome

by sophy ahumada

What is it?

It is a developmental disorder caused by a extra copy of chromosome 21 and it is also called trisomy 21. Having a extra copy means that it has 3 copies instead of 2. It make it hard for cells to control how much protein gets made.

Symptoms of Down Syndrome

Features that they have is

- a flat face

- small broad nose

- not normal shaped ears

- big tongue

They can have lots of problems. They also develop things a lot slower than other kids like how to talk or read or learn or write and many others. Most only live to 50 years old becaused of all of these probems.


Triple Screen and the Alpha-Fetoprotein Plus are tests measure levels of certain substances in the mother's blood. You can check in the moms stomach during ultrasounds . If they don't notice when in the mothers womb they can usually check when the baby comes out because of the features it brings.
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there is no treatment for down syndrome. but what stuff helps is taking them to special places and speech classes or therapy.

Interesting Facts

` 90% of these cases and the additional chromosome comes from the mothers egg

` Down syndrome is he most common disorder

` It effects 1 out of every 691 babies

` In 1983 the average person to live with down syndrome was 25 and today now is 60 !


There are charities where you can donate to a association to help with treatments for kids that need therapy or places to go to help or cure down syndrome. You can also run to "end" down syndrome. Helps people all together stop this and help donate