Smartboards in the Classroom

How they are effective to teachers and students


The use of Smartboards (interactive white boards) in the classroom have benefited both the teachers and the students in many different ways.

The LCD tablet

The LCD tablet has benefited the disabled teachers in not having to stand while teaching. But also benefits all teachers in being able to teach from just about anywhere in the room. "The LCD panel doubles as graphics tablet and preview screen, allowing the instructor to stand or sit, facing the class, and make drawings and annotations that the entire class can view on the large projection screen." (Laudato, Nicholas C.)

Smartboards make the learning process more interactive.


"It can provide an enlarged view of the calculator's display, or show the functions, table, and graph screens simultaneously. It can also record and playback keystrokes, enabling teachers to create scripts with pauses and text commentary displayed on the screen as the script runs." (Hessman, Travis.)

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