Grizzly Gazette

September 19th, 2021

Principal's Message

Time is flying by! We are entering our fourth week of school (second full week) and our students are settling in to the routine of school wonderfully. It's a routine that is extremely different from last year when we were in the hybrid mode. Your children are doing a remarkable job navigating the new school year. They are being so polite as they move through the lunch line, in the hallways and on the playground. We our focusing on "kindness" as our Character Strong trait and our staff is seeing this played out each day with our students. No matter the challenge this school year is bringing, interacting with your children is the best. It is an instant reminder of why we chose education as our profession.

A New 3rd Grade Class!

We are excited to let you know (parents of third grade students especially) that the district has added another session of third grade at Cedarhome. Class sizes will be reduced from 25 to 20. This is a significant drop. Our third grade teachers will be able to reach more children in small groups and one on one. We are very thankful for the addition of this class.

We are also very fortunate to hire Minde Carlson for this position. Minde has taught in our building previously and will bring excitement and energy to her teaching. I want to thank the parents of students that have been placed in the new class for your understanding and support.

It is never an easy process to create a new class once school has started. Our third grade staff took great care in building a balanced classroom for Mrs. Carlson. Adding this fifth session is really what is best for our students. At Cedarhome, our mantra has always been, "Whatever it takes." This translates to whatever we need to do as adults, we will do for the benefit of our students. I am so proud of our staff. They always rise to the occasion and make things work. I am truly blessed to work with them.

Drop-offs and Pick-ups

If you drop your child off in the morning or pick them up after school, then you have experienced a situation that would rival Seattle or Los Angelas traffic. We have a significant volume of cars attempting to enter and exit our campus on roads and intersections not designed for such heavy traffic. We can clear our campus of students in about 15 minutes or less after school, depending on when buses and daycare vans arrive. This is possible due to the number of staff volunteers who come out to assist Mrs. Wayland and myself. They don't have to do so, but they do. This is the CES way. Our students' safety is our top priority. It is truly a team effort. Below are some "asks" to help make drop-off and pick-up more efficient:

1. In the morning, please do not park in the drop-off area and wait for the school doors to open. This creates a back-up we can avoid. If you would like to wait with your child in your car for the doors to open, please park in the spaces available in the parking lot. This is not the front parking area, but the parking area on the north side of the building.

2. Please use the designated crosswalk to walk from your parked car to meet your child. Please do not call for your child from your parked car as they will run across the pick-up area which is an extreme safety hazard for your child.

3. After school, please pull up to the front of the pick-up are even if you have your child and wait for a staff member to wave you into traffic.

4. Please be sure your child knows exactly how they are getting home each day. Telling them you may pick them up or they can walk creates confusion and anxiousness for your child. We would love to have you call our office or send a note letting us know exactly how your child will be getting home or if their mode of getting home has changed for the day.

5. Please refrain from walking in the bus zone whenever possible. I understand the social distancing aspect of keeping us safe and sometimes it's not possible to avoid the groupings unless you venture out into the bus zone. Please, please be aware of buses and vans entering the bus zone. We want to keep you and your children safe.

6. Lastly, have your students walk to school whenever possible. We have so many students coming from the many developments around us. Work with neighbors to form, "walking school buses." Carpool if possible as well. I understand sports and other after school activities necessitate picking up your child on occasion, but whatever you can do to cut down on the volume of cars entering and exiting our campus after school would be greatly appreciated.

A message from our Nurse


The concept of quarantine vs. isolation, and the expectations for each can be a little bit confusing.

Isolation - is what someone who has COVID symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID is asked to do. Isolation keeps someone who is sick or tested positive for COVID-19 without symptoms away from others, even in their own home.This person can potentially pass COVID for 10 days, once they have a positive test or have developed symptoms. This person needs to stay away from other people for 10 days. This person should stay in a specific “sick room” or area and away from other people as much as possible, and use a separate bathroom, if available.

If a person with COVID symptoms has a negative COVID test, we know that the cause of their symptoms is probably not COVID, and they can return to school when their symptoms are resolving, and they are fever free for 24 hours.

.Quarantine - is what someone who has been around someone with COVID is asked to do. Quarantine keeps someone who was in close contact with someone who has COVID-19 away from others. This person could potentially become positive for COVID up to 14 days after their exposure. These people should protect others by staying home for 14 days after the last contact.

Whether a person is directed to isolate or quarantine, they need to stay home. They must not go to school, work, or anywhere else in public. They should not participate in or attend sporting events, or other events with family and friends.

Mary Hoffman

Stanwood Camano School District

Assistant Director of COVID-related Safety and Health Services

Mrs. Bregar's September Counselor's Corner

Below is Mrs. Bregar's first installment of, "Counselor's Corner." Please click on the link to view. Thank you!

Counselor Corner Kindness

Dr. Rumbuagh's 9/17/21 Family Message

Hello Families,

As we finish week three of school, it has been good to see our routines and practices are more fine-tuned. Students have adjusted to lunch and recess routines, passing between classes, and arrival and drop off each day. As I walk the halls of our schools, I see hardworking students and staff. We are monitoring the rate of COVID cases daily. Based on our daily monitoring, we make decisions on quarantining (or not) students and classes. You may review our COVID case rate by school on our District Website.

High School Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
Stanwood High School and Church Creek Campus are designed to move outside air into each classroom directly; classrooms do have functioning windows. The quality of our ventilation system at Stanwood High School exceeds the minimum required standards. However, we are getting feedback that classrooms are warm. As with the majority of schools in our region, classroom spaces are not air-conditioned. We do have the capability of adding equipment to cool the outside air before it reaches classrooms, and this option is currently being reviewed by the engineering team. We will update our community as we investigate a solution to ensure a comfortable classroom temperature.

Masks at Outdoor Athletics
Beginning Monday, September 13, the Stanwood-Camano School District is requiring masks be worn at outdoor events larger than 10 people. This includes athletics events, extracurricular activities and other events on school district property. Masks will be provided to guests as needed; those not wishing to wear a mask will not be permitted to enter the event venue.

Transportation Update
You may have experienced delays in our bussing routes or may have observed long lines for parent pick-up and drop-off at your child’s school. We have done an analysis of these delays and what we have discovered is that our parent drop-off and pick-up traffic is significantly higher than it was prior to COVID. This means we have additional cars on campus and some of this has interfered with the buses ability to arrive at school on time in the morning and afternoon. Additionally, it is requiring more time at our elementary schools to ensure students are properly matched to the correct car. We appreciate your patience as we fine tune our protocols. Each day, we get faster and more efficient, and we love seeing our families on campus!

Food Service
Our Food Service department is experiencing supply shortages and delays from our vendors due to COVID affecting manufacturing and trucking. What this means for school meals is we may be out of the items on the menu (choices), however, we will still have free meals that meet the USDA nutritious meal guidelines. We thank you for your patience throughout this process.

Paraeducators Needed
If you know anyone who enjoys working with children and is looking for a challenging, fun, and rewarding career with competitive pay, please have them consider working with Stanwood-Camano School District as a paraeducator! There is a diverse range of settings and populations to work with from preschool through our 18 to 21 year old transition program. If you are interested, positions are still open for this year and we encourage you to apply. Starting pay is between $22.08 and $24.40 per hour. Please contact Robert Hascall or Maurene Stanton at (360) 629-1200 if you would like to discuss this opportunity, and complete an application here.

Reducing Hallway Traffic at Secondary Schools
In an effort to reduce the number of secondary students in hallways during passing periods and to/from lunch, we are adjusting how students transition from class to class. Our strategy is to stage passing periods in phases, we expect to reduce the number of students entering hallways by 20 to 50 percent. This change will not reduce the amount of classroom learning time.

At-Home COVID Testing
There are a variety of at-home COVID testing options for families. While these tests are convenient for families, we have been informed that they are less accurate, particularly in determining an accurate “negative” result than a rapid test given by a healthcare provider. If your student has symptoms of COVID, and you are using an at-home test, students will need to confirm with a test given by a healthcare provider, this includes our nurses who can provide a free test to return to school.