Relevance in the Classroom

What makes our students excited about learning?

How do we make learning targets relevant to students in the here and now?

  • Find out the interests of your students.
  • integrate what is happening in the world around us that can be incorporated in a learning target.
  • Have students create the learning target and choose their own way of reaching it.

Examples of Relevance in the Classroom

Math Target: I can add numbers up to the hundredths place.

Students will use a weekly sales paper to create their shopping list and add the prices of their items together with out going over a given budget.

Reading Target: I can identify author's purpose in written text.

Students will create a written fake facebook "fakebook" message from a teacher assigned author's purpose (persuade, inform, and entertain). After the group writes the statement together , the groups switch and determine the author's purpose of the message.

Make It Relevant and Make It Stick