The Latest News From Room 207

Teacher-Ms. Abigail Rigney

The Week of February 8th


  • We had some great stuff happen in advisory this week. First, we had six different groups collaborate with an elementary school teacher and their class. The development of these collaborations are an effort to help build community within the district; it''s also an opportunity for our high school students to get out of their classrooms and volunteer their time helping others.
  • A few members of our Student Council ran a workshop for two of our advisory groups--the topic was labels and stereotypes. It's always exciting to see activities facilitated by students and implemented with their peers in mind.

Senior Internship Program

  • Placements forms are due February 23rd!
  • A few of our seniors have secured internship placements. All seniors will be assessed by their site supervisor twice;, once in the middle and once at the end, of their internship.
  • Supervisors will be asked to "assess" their intern on criteria such as punctuality, communication skills, and overall effort.
  • Eligible seniors will be able to begin their internship at the beginning of 4th quarter, which is Monday, April 4th.

Project Purple

  • Project Purple meets every Tuesday during directed study in room 207. All students are welcome. In addition to implementing our own activities, we've been using material from the Project Alert curriculum. This free, online resource is designed to encourage students to make good decisions to avoid drug use.

Class of 2016

  • The senior class had a meeting on Tuesday during advisory. Topics included the yearbook, senior trip, and senior v. faculty basketball game.
  • All yearbook pictures (baby pictures, candids, senior portraits), senior quote, and write up are due Monday, February 29th. Items can be brought to Mrs. Lacaire in Room 231 or emailed to her at
  • Senior v. Faculty basketball game is scheduled for Friday, March 18th

Child Development and Health

Child Development

We are smack dab in the middle of our 3rd unit--Cognitive Development. This unit is large and the material is broken down in to sub categories. Right now, through the use of many different sources, we are exploring the following question:

What factors impact a child's ability to succeed in school?

We've been exploring this question using these resources--check them out!

What Children Need Most is Adults That Understand Development

Executive Summary: Set Up to Fail. When Low-Wage Work Jeopardizes Parents' and Student's Success

Waiting for Superman

9th Grade Health
  • February is National Dating Violence Awareness Month. Statistics show that nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience abuse from a dating partner in a single year, or roughly 1 in 3 teens.
  • In class, we will be exploring the signs of dating violence and discussing resources and strategies that students can use to help set personal boundaries.
  • Check out a few of our lessons:

This week in 9th grade health students will:

  • Be able to demonstrate assertive communication skills.
  • Be able to identify signs of an abusive dating relationship.
  • Be able to explain the importance of setting boundaries in a relationship.

8th Grade Health

  • 8th grade students have been busy learning about all things nutrition. We continue to explore the website: and use it as a source for classroom activities.
  • We are currently working on 2 projects: The first, A Daily Meal Plan, requires students to create a daily menu that meets the nutritional guidelines for an adolescent. The second, Fast Food Challenge, requires students to investigate a fast food restaurant and work to identify the healthiest and unhealthiest items at each. They will also need to analyze print and t.v. ads used by the chain and determine the overall message and target audience.

This week in class, 8th grade students will:

  • Be able to outline a daily menu that meets all of the nutritional requirements for a typical adolescent.
  • Be able to identify healthy menu items at popular fast food restaurants.
  • Be able to analyze advertising techniques practiced by local restaurant chains.

7th Grade Health

  • We are continuing to explore factors that can impact self esteem. This week, students will be presenting role plays designed to demonstrate the ways that we (sometimes) label people before getting to know them. We will explore strategies dealing with how to avoid this.
  • We will also be discussing friendship and volunteer work and how both impact feelings of self esteem and self worth.

This week in class, 7th grade students will:

  • Be able to Identify how labels and stereotypes can impact self esteem.

  • Be able to demonstrate actions that can lead to snap judgments and unfair assumptions.

  • Be able to identify important qualities in a friend.

Grading Breakdown (for all Health classes)

Class Participation and Effort 20%

Homework 15%

In Class Assignments 25%

Quizzes 15%

Tests/Projects 25%

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