Big Nate

By Lincoln Pierce

This book is 100% fiction. Nate Wright, a hilarious, trouble-making eleven year-old, is finally in middle school. Throughout this book, Nate causes loads of gut-busting mischief in school with his best friends Francis and Teddy. Nate also plays plenty of jokes on his sister, Ellen, and his father, Marty. Even though Nate is always in trouble, he believes he is destined for greatness, after all he was told so by a fortune cookie. The story ends with one of Nate's teachers, Mrs.Czerwiki telling him that he has surpassed all other students for most detentions earned, therefor making him a record holder. This made Nate extremely proud as he had finally achieved "greatness."


I definitely recommend this book to any person who is looking to have a good laugh. Big Nate is very witty for an eleven year old and leads one heck of a life. This book will definitely not disappoint.
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