5 Star Hotels in South Delhi

5 Star Hotels in South Delhi – better amoung the best

Delhi is such a place that caters to various communities of people staying within India and those visiting the country. Many 5 Star hotels in Delhi offer great deals and value to the guests. However how does one choose the best one from the plethora of choices that delhi has to offer.

Earthly Abode of Peace

Hotel Eros is not only among these hotels, but also an exception in the industry. You can say this hotel and take it to be an earthly abode of peace, where opulence, extravaganza, captivating luxury and sheer magnificence conjure to provide you with a heavenly experience of staying in a 5 star hotel in South Delhi. Located at a perfect place in South Delhi, Hotel Eros offers the best business amenities and unforgettable hospitality to guests who are sure to feel pampered. Travelers will find an ensemble of 5 star facilities offered by this hotel that include excellent in room services, wide options of food choices and an array of beauty services that will leave you mesmerized.

Beautifully Crafted Rooms

It will be a royal stay at any of the rooms at Eros, which are beautifully crafted to suit all types of tastes and preferences. Luxurious style, bespoke decorations, modern and unique art and contemporary furniture combined with the latest technologies, this hotel offers, undoubtedly makes it a premier hotel among 5 Star hotels in Delhi. Luxurious and expansive suites together with unparalleled views, in house services and top quality food make this hotel a place to keep revisiting.

Culinary Experience

One of the best culinary experiences you can have is at Hotel Eros in Nehru Place, which has a wide range of menu to offer that include continental delicacies as well as menus from across the various regions of India. Specialized in North and South Indian dishes it also offers a la carte menu of seafood and regional specialties.

Delightful experience in beauty therapy

A delightful experience in beauty therapy waits for you at Hotel Eros, which include spa treatment and holistic massages. From body detox to yoga sessions and from hair treatment to pedicure, you will find something special at this hotel. An ultimate experience in relaxation of both mind and body is what you will get at the beauty therapy rituals conducted by experienced beauty therapists.
5 Star Amenities

There can be no other choices when guests are entertained with the best when attending business meetings or welcomed at wedding ceremonies. Sprawling banquets, rich taste in decorations, top class hospitality and unforgettable platters are what hotels offer, which makes them one of the best 5 Star hotels in Delhi. With exciting offers for all and a touch of royal experience that Hotel Eros has to offer, you will find your stay etched in your nostalgic memories.

Author Bio- Author is a freelance consultant in hospitality management and has been travelling round the world visiting 5 star hotels as his latest endeavor to provide information on the hotel industry. His works have been published in many journals and newspapers which have been acclaimed in the media circles.

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