Totally Radical First Semester!

By Jenna Orsak, Publication Date: December 10, 2015

How to Get Good Grades as Told by a Straight-A Student (Me!)

Since I have to graduate in 3 1/2 years and someone reading this might have to graduate also in 3 1/2 years (this is just an assumption so don't get mad if you're graduating next year or something), I decided to write "how to get good grades" to help a fellow student out. As a straight-A student, it becomes very annoying when my grades begin to drop below a 95, the only grade that is below a 95 is Spanish, but let's not talk about that. Oh well, let's get started!

First, be respectful. It leaves a good impression on the teachers!

Next, pay attention. This might be hard seeming that teenagers only have a 5 minute attention span.

Then, study. Although this might be one of the most boring things to do, it will be nice when you ace that test.

Lastly, ask questions. Even if you're embarrassed to, ask questions because what is more embarrassing, knowing the answer or being totally clueless?

That's all I got because that's just what I've heard gets you good grades. I really don't know what to do to get good grades since I don't do 3/4 of the steps that's written above. I guess good grades in high school isn't that hard to get. I mean high school is supposed to be hard though, and it's not. Even my AP chemistry is simple, I'm literally making a 97, how is that hard? Well, I hope this helps whoever needs it!

Concert Virgin

I have to admit I'm a concert virgin. Well, technically I saw Luke Bryan in concert in 5th grade, but that doesn't count because I hate country music and I was forced to go to it. Nevermind that little anecdote, the main thing is I've never been to a concert I actually wanted to go to. That just sounds sad. I've been let down over concerts multiple times like this summer I was going to go to KCON and nope that didn't happen. Then my sisters and I were going to go to see Bangtan Sonyeondan in Houston, but we couldn't find the tickets anywhere and it wouldn't really have counted as a concert since it was more like a fanmeet anyways. My problem of being a concert virgin and always being let down over concerts finally has a solution though. Solution: I'm going to see The Cure on May 14th in concert (Yay!! My second favorite band!). I still have to wait almost six months until the concert, but for me, it's worth it. I was actually terrified that I would be let down over this concert to the point that when I was talking to my mom about buying tickets the only words I could say before turning into an ugly sobbing mess was "The Cure's going on tour..." Something like this happened before at a Hard Rock Cafe in Memphis but that was over the fact Morrissey was having a concert that night in Nashville and I couldn't be there (Wasn't my problem getting out of hand at this point, and to think nobody even offered to take me to the concert, rude). LIke I said before, luckily my problem will be solved in May although I must apologize beforehand for sporadically breaking down and crying over this the whole month of May!

다시 Run, Run, Run

This story starts all the way back in April 2015 (Ok, this isn't too long ago but it sounds more dramatic this way) when the "I Need U (Original ver.)" music video for Bangtan Sonyeondan* (aka Bangtan Boys aka BTS) was released. At that moment, anyone who watched that music video either A. broke down in tears, B. stared at the screen with a "What-the-heck-just-happened?" look, or C. did both of those things (let's just say I was C. and I'm still C. every time I watch it). I'm assuming you want to know why everybody was freaking out over the music video so here's the overly-simplified-leaving-out-most-parts summary of the video: everybody is dead besides Jin and V (the reason why I oversimplified it is because it's a 19+ rated video and there's quite a few death scenes). The video is much more detailed than that and filled with symbolism, too. This video, hands down, is probably one of my favorite music videos ever, just got to throw that out there.

Fast forward to September 2015, BTS's "Prologue" is released unannounced and I am more confused with this one than I was with "I Need U (Original Ver.)". Here's the overly-simplified-leaving-out-most-parts summary of the video: It's Jin's memories and V commits suicide (they really like death for some reason). The happiest part of the video was the announcement of the release date for "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt. 2", but that was ruined by the actual end of the video. It's sad though that the happiest part of the video was the release date because we had to wait 2 months for the next video and album.

Finally, the November 29, 2015, 3 days after my birthday, the music video and album are released. The music video "Run (Official Ver.)" did not help clear any confusion, it just added more. I must admit this video wasn't as sad as "Prologue" or "I Need U (Original Ver.)", but I cried just as much as I did over the other videos. The album made me cry also because it is hands down amazing. Honestly, the song "Whalien 52" is probably the best metaphor for loneliness there is to date (Thank you to Rap Monster and Suga for that).

Now, all I have to do is wait for either the original version of "Run" or for the music video for "Butterfly", and then maybe I actually will find out what is going on!

*Bangtan Sonyeondan (aka Bangtan Boys aka BTS) is a Korean hip-hop/rap group consisting of 7 guys: Rap Monster (rap and leader), Suga (rap), J-Hope (rap and dance), Jin (vocal), V (vocal), Jimin (vocal), and Jungkook (vocal and rap). (In my opinion, they are one of the best dance groups there is!) Bangtan Sonyeondan translates to "Bulletproof Boyscouts" by the way.

[MV] BTS(방탄소년단) _ Run