CHE Update for 1/22

Coyote Staff Update

Great Kindness Challenge

Welcome to another week at Cordelia Hills! I am so excited for the Great Kindness Challenge Week. I emailed a whole blurb about the event last Friday but just a few reminders:

1. Resources on the week can be found here:

2. Student Leadership Videos here:

3. Remember, we are trying to construct a Kindness Paper Chain. Check out my Friday email for more information.

Monthly Observations-Focus and Instructional Specialists

I am a bit behind on my monthly observations and so I am accelerating my pace each day. Nevertheless, two things:

1. While I do fill out the whole form, my focus this month is feedback related to academic conversations. I am looking for conversations that push into "Level 3". The description is: "Students build on ideas and evaluate information by connecting, adding or giving counter examples."

2. I am seeing many teachers use the services of the Instructional Specialists. If you haven't reached out to your specialist, please do so. They are useful, easy to use, talented group of specialists who can help us grow quality instructional practices.

Upcoming Assemblies

We have a few upcoming assemblies that I want to draw your attention to:

1. Wednesday, January 24th, Be More Awesome Assembly, K-2 @ 8:30 MPR and then 3-5 @ 9:30 in the MPR.

2. Wednesday, January 31, Mobile Dairy Classroom, TK-2 @ 8:30 MPR and then 3-5 @ 9:40 in the MPR.

Benchmark Units Reminder

The Benchmark Units proposed pacing guide is here. Remember, the writing assessment we will be using is the performance task following Unit 5. That being said, Unit 5 will need to be completed by the first week of March.

Please reach out to me, Ms. Spence or Ms. Baker, or to your respective grade level IS specialists with any questions.

Update for Events for January!

Below is a list of upcoming events for the rest of the school year:

January 22-January 26: Great Kindness Challenge

January 22: Trotter @ K.I. for afternoon

January 24: Three screens Assembly (K-2 @ 8:30, 3-5 @ 9:30)

January 25: Family Math Night @ 5:30

January 26: Progress Reports go home

January 30: Leadership Meeting @ 3:10

January 30: Site Council @ 4:45

February 2: SOM lunch

February 5: **MAP Testing Window Opens**

February 6: Jump Rope for Heart, Staff Meeting

February 8: Teacher of the Year Board Meeting @ 6:00

February 9: Father Daughter Dance @ 5:00

February 12: No School--Lincoln's Bday

February 13: PTA Meeting library @ 6:15