Factoring the GCF of a Polynomial

Let's find some common ground...

Intro to Factoring

Check out this video... it goes over what we will be covering over the next couple of weeks... Just promise me that you will not start doing the Dougie... yes, I'm talking to you... you know who you are!
Teach Me How To Factor (WSHS Math Rap Song)

Check out this guy from MyTutorZone

He is going to show you what we will be focused on today... factoring the GCF from 2 or more terms. We are going to continue to use the box method. I will show you later in class how to use the box. For now, just try to get a handle on some of the key points in this video.
Algebra- Factoring Greatest Common Factor

Step by Step info on GCF

Here's another example that has some step by step tips on how to factor the GCF from a polynomial. Feel free to write the steps down on some copy paper if you want. Otherwise, we will do some notes later in class. Click on the box below for the video.

Finding the GCF using the Graphing Calculator

Here's a great video that shows you have to find the GCF (coefficient)... that's right, you can use a calculator to do some of this!!!!
Graphing Calculator - Find GCF or GCD

Now it's time for you to practice on your own...

The title has "quiz" in it but this is not a quiz. I just want you to try these on your own and see how you do. No stress, no worries. Click on the link below and work on the 11 practice questions.