Health Guide



Have you ever wanted to be healthy? Many people try but have trouble. Knowing about Nutrients, Dieatary guidelines, and Food Labels are important. These will help you have a healthy life.

Six Nutrients

A diet gives you all your energy.A nutrient is a material in a food are drink.You need six nutrients to help you grow. Food and drinks contain nutrients. Fat helps your blood cells and repair blood cells.vitamins help your body.minerals help your body work right.Water makes most of your body.Carbohydrates are a chemical.Nutrients are really good for us.A carbohydrate is a body source.Protein repairs blood cells.carbohydrates are in most foods.Simple and complex are to types of carbohydrates. Vegtables have almost no fat.Every body needs fat without fat we would die.Many foods have protein like fruits.The best protein is beef. cearal has minerals like iron.
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Dietary Guidelines Are Rules

Dietary guidelines are rules to stay healthy.Oils are not a food group but fruits and vegtables are. There are five food groups grains,fruits,meat, beans,milk,and vegtables.fruits are a daily food food group.some foods like sandwiches have carbohydrates.some people need plenty of water.Food helps your body funcion properly.Energy and growth repair damge in your body.Amino acides are consered proteins.Most people need lots of energy.Starches are found in bread.Fats are a energy source.Vitamins do not have energy.Vitamin C fights infections.minerals are found in soil.Dietary guidelines are rules to stay healthy.
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Food Labels

A food label can be good or bad.The food label is the ingretents. satured fat is bad like trans fat.They can raise L D L. Most packed food have labels.A food label might not have everything.The top ingretent is the most thing they put in the product.The last is the least thing they put in the product.Under the black line are the minerals.The daily value is the percent.Food contains vitamins.
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People have wanted to be healthy like you.