Week Two--Just Amazing!

Fiction and Nonfiction--we like them both!


This week we began researching spiders. Ms. Fox was freaked out by a spider in her home--it crawled over her hand! She told us about it in class and we investigated! We googled spider images and decided that it was probably a wolf spider. Pretty creepy looking but not that dangerous. Our research involved reading a booklet about spiders and looking online.

Here are some of the facts we learned.

  1. All spiders spin silk, not all spiders spin webs.
  2. Spiders have 8 legs.
  3. Spiders come in different sizes.

An OPINION we have about spiders is that they are creepy!

Voki Fun!

We used Voki to create talking avatars for Ms. Fox's back to school night presentation for our parents. It was our first time and we really did a great job! Check out our Voki avatars!

Jane Goodall Videos

Check out the video we watched in class!