An unnoticed Soul

Claudette Colvin

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Early Life

Claudette Colvin was born on September 1939 in Montgomery, Alabama. Colvin lived during the time of segregation. Like many other African Americans, Claudette wanted to make a difference and fight against segregation.

People believe that Rosa Parks was the first who refused to give up her seat on a bus, but many haven't heard of Claudette Colvin. Rosa Parks refused on December 1, 1955 while Claudette Colvin refused on March 2, 1955 when she was 15 years old. (

Colvin studied her rights, and knew that she technically did not have to give her seat up. She was then arrested, and went to court. However, the charge was dropped because "her case was heard in juvenile court". (Phibbs)

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The Role in Segregation

Claudette Colvin then joined the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People youth council to help fight and end the lack of fairness in Montgomery. She was also chosen to be one of the four people to apart of the NAACP lawsuit that helped defeat Jim Crow laws in America. (Phibbs)

There was a case in 1956 that decided that bus segregation was unconstitutional which means it goes against the constitution and African American's rights.

Colvin's Legacy

Claudette Colvin will be turning 77 in September of 2016. She has made a huge impact on America without anyone even knowing her name.

Claudette's story is very inspiring. She had a lot of bravery doing what she did. Not only was she an African American that stood up for her rights, but she was also very young. We should learn that no matter how old or the color of our skin we can still make a difference.

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